Daniel C Bridges
Daniel C Bridges
Neuroscience Research Institute & Department of Physics, University of California, Santa Barbara
Patvirtintas el. paštas
Microindentation for in vivo measurement of bone tissue mechanical properties in humans
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A new device for performing reference point indentation without a reference probe
D Bridges, C Randall, PK Hansma
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Applications of a new handheld reference point indentation instrument measuring bone material strength
C Randall, D Bridges, R Guerri, X Nogues, L Puig, E Torres, L Mellibovsky, ...
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Haploinsufficiency of BAZ1B contributes to Williams syndrome through transcriptional dysregulation of neurodevelopmental pathways
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Action potential propagation recorded from single axonal arbors using multielectrode arrays
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MEA Viewer: A high-performance interactive application for visualizing electrophysiological data
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Structural damage diagnosis using interstory drift–based acceleration feedback with test validation
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Bio-inspired passive actuator simulating an abalone shell mechanism for structural control
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Method and device for reference point indentation without a reference probe
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Control over single-cell distribution of G1 lengths by WNT governs pluripotency
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A new ion sensing deep atomic force microscope
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Accuracy of dose‐volume metric calculation for small‐volume radiosurgery targets
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Self-aligning probes and related devices
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Accuracy of Dose-Volume Metric Calculation for Small Volume Radiosurgery Targets
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Use of a Neural Circuit Probe to Validate in silico Predictions of Inhibitory Connections
H Liu, D Bridges, C Randall, SA Solla, B Wu, P Hansma, X Yan, KS Kosik, ...
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High resolution imaging of reference point indentations in control and type ii diabetic bone
C Randall, K Hoffseth, D Bridges, H Yang, P Hansma
Annual Meeting of the American Society for Bone and Mineral Research …, 2013
Optimizing Quality Assurance with Total QA (R) Implementation
R Sullivan, D Bridges, X Zhao, Y Yuan, S Shen, R Popple
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Dosimetric Comparison of Vaginal Ovoid with Cylinder Brachytherapy for Borderline Size of Tumor at the Vaginal Cuff
X Wu, A Nikolaev, D Bridges, S Shen, R Kim
MEDICAL PHYSICS 47 (6), E754-E754, 2020
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