Pietro Pilo Boyl
Pietro Pilo Boyl
Senior scientist, University of Bonn
Patvirtintas el. paštas
The fragile X syndrome protein represses activity-dependent translation through CYFIP1, a new 4E-BP
I Napoli, V Mercaldo, P Pilo Boyl, B Eleuteri, F Zalfa, S De Rubeis, ...
Cell 134 (6), 1042-1054, 2008
SMN, profilin IIa and plastin 3: a link between the deregulation of actin dynamics and SMA pathogenesis
M Bowerman, CL Anderson, A Beauvais, PP Boyl, W Witke, R Kothary
Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience 42 (1), 66-74, 2009
Profilin2 contributes to synaptic vesicle exocytosis, neuronal excitability, and novelty‐seeking behavior
P Pilo Boyl, A Di Nardo, C Mulle, M Sassoè‐Pognetto, P Panzanelli, ...
The EMBO journal 26 (12), 2991-3002, 2007
Regionalisation of anterior neuroectoderm and its competence in responding to forebrain and midbrain inducing activities depend on mutual antagonism between OTX2 and GBX2
JP Martinez-Barbera, M Signore, P Pilo Boyl, E Puelles, D Acampora, ...
Oxford University Press for The Company of Biologists Limited 128 (23), 4789 …, 2001
La protein has a positive effect on the translation of TOP mRNAs in vivo
C Crosio, P Pilo Boyl, F Loreni, P Pierandrei-Amaldi, F Amaldi
Nucleic acids research 28 (15), 2927-2934, 2000
Efficient transamination under mild conditions: preparation of primary amine derivatives from carbonyl compounds via imine isomerization with catalytic amounts of potassium …
G Cainelli, D Giacomini, A Trerè, P Pilo Boyl
The Journal of Organic Chemistry 61 (15), 5134-5139, 1996
Structure of human succinic semialdehyde dehydrogenase gene: identification of promoter region and alternatively processed isoforms
P Blasi, P Pilo Boyl, M Ledda, A Novelletto, KM Gibson, C Jakobs, ...
Molecular genetics and metabolism 76 (4), 348-362, 2002
BC1-FMRP interaction is modulated by 2′-O-methylation: RNA-binding activity of the tudor domain and translational regulation at synapses
C Lacoux, D Di Marino, P Pilo Boyl, F Zalfa, B Yan, MT Ciotti, M Falconi, ...
Nucleic acids research 40 (9), 4086-4096, 2012
Severe protein aggregate myopathy in a knockout mouse model points to an essential role of cofilin2 in sarcomeric actin exchange and muscle maintenance
CB Gurniak, F Chevessier, M Jokwitz, F Jönsson, E Perlas, H Richter, ...
European journal of cell biology 93 (5-6), 252-266, 2014
Otx genes in the development and evolution of the vertebrate brain
P Pilo Boyl, M Signore, A Annino, JPM Barbera, D Acampora, A Simeone
International Journal of Developmental Neuroscience 19 (4), 353-363, 2001
The Drosophila melanogaster lipase homologs: a gene family with tissue and developmental specific expression
D Pistillo, A Manzi, A Tino, P Pilo Boyl, F Graziani, C Malva
Journal of molecular biology 276 (5), 877-885, 1998
OTD/OTX2 functional equivalence depends on 5′ and 3′ UTR-mediated control of Otx2 mRNA for nucleo-cytoplasmic export and epiblast-restricted translation
D Acampora, P Pilo Boyl, M Signore, JP Martinez-Barbera, C Ilengo, ...
Oxford University Press for The Company of Biologists Limited 128 (23), 4801 …, 2001
Forebrain and midbrain development requires epiblast-restricted Otx2 translational control mediated by its 3′ UTR
P Pilo Boyl, M Signore, D Acampora, JP Martinez-Barbera, C Ilengo, ...
Oxford University Press for The Company of Biologists Limited 128 (15), 2989 …, 2001
Effect of 3′ UTR length on the translational regulation of 5′-terminal oligopyrimidine mRNAs
M Ledda, M Di Croce, B Bedini, F Wannenes, M Corvaro, P Pilo Boyl, ...
Gene 344, 213-220, 2005
KIF1Bβ transports dendritically localized mRNPs in neurons and is recruited to synapses in an activity-dependent manner
DC Charalambous, E Pasciuto, V Mercaldo, P Pilo Boyl, S Munck, ...
Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences, 1-22, 2012
The actin-binding protein profilin 2 is a novel regulator of iron homeostasis
S Luscieti, B Galy, L Gutierrez, M Reinke, J Couso, M Shvartsman, ...
Blood, The Journal of the American Society of Hematology 130 (17), 1934-1945, 2017
Specificity and redundancy of profilin 1 and 2 function in brain development and neuronal structure
M Di Domenico, M Jokwitz, W Witke, P Pilo Boyl
Cells 10 (9), 2310, 2021
Otx genes in evolution: are they involved in instructing the vertebrate brain morphology?
D Acampora, P Pilo Boyl, JP MARTINEZ‐BARBERA, A Annino, M Signore, ...
Journal of anatomy 199 (1‐2), 53-62, 2001
Small, smaller… dendritic spine
P Pilo Boyl, W Witke
The EMBO Journal 33 (23), 2737-2739, 2014
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