Matthew McNeil
Matthew McNeil
University of Otago, Department of Microbiology
Patvirtintas el. paštas
Priming in the Type IF CRISPR-Cas system triggers strand-independent spacer acquisition, bi-directionally from the primed protospacer
C Richter, RL Dy, RE McKenzie, BNJ Watson, C Taylor, JT Chang, ...
Nucleic acids research 42 (13), 8516-8526, 2014
SdhE is a conserved protein required for flavinylation of succinate dehydrogenase in bacteria
MB McNeil, JS Clulow, NM Wilf, GPC Salmond, PC Fineran
Journal of Biological Chemistry 287 (22), 18418-18428, 2012
PigS and PigP Regulate Prodigiosin Biosynthesis in Serratia via Differential Control of Divergent Operons, Which Include Predicted Transporters of Sulfur …
T Gristwood, MB McNeil, JS Clulow, GPC Salmond, PC Fineran
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Utilization of CRISPR Interference To Validate MmpL3 as a Drug Target in Mycobacterium tuberculosis
MB McNeil, GM Cook
Antimicrobial agents and chemotherapy 63 (8), 10.1128/aac. 00629-19, 2019
In Vitro Isolation and Characterization of Oxazolidinone-Resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis
MB McNeil, DD Dennison, CD Shelton, T Parish
Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy 61 (10), 10.1128/aac. 01296-17, 2017
MmpL3 inhibitors as antituberculosis drugs
M Shao, M McNeil, GM Cook, X Lu
European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 200, 112390, 2020
The succinate dehydrogenase assembly factor, SdhE, is required for the flavinylation and activation of fumarate reductase in bacteria
MB McNeil, HG Hampton, KJ Hards, BNJ Watson, GM Cook, PC Fineran
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Discovery of a cofactor-independent inhibitor of Mycobacterium tuberculosis InhA
Y Xia, Y Zhou, DS Carter, MB McNeil, W Choi, J Halladay, PW Berry, ...
Life Science Alliance 1 (3), 2018
Mutations in MmpL3 alter membrane potential, hydrophobicity and antibiotic susceptibility in Mycobacterium smegmatis
MB McNeil, D Dennison, T Parish
Microbiology 163 (7), 1065-1070, 2017
CRISPR-Cas gene-editing reveals RsmA and RsmC act through FlhDC to repress the SdhE flavinylation factor and control motility and prodigiosin production in Serratia
HG Hampton, MB McNeil, TJ Paterson, B Ney, NR Williamson, ...
Microbiology 162 (6), 1047-1058, 2016
Two for the price of one: Attacking the energetic-metabolic hub of mycobacteria to produce new chemotherapeutic agents
K Hards, C Adolph, LK Harold, MB McNeil, CY Cheung, A Jinich, ...
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Prokaryotic assembly factors for the attachment of flavin to complex II
MB McNeil, PC Fineran
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Draft Genome Sequence of Serratia sp. Strain ATCC 39006, a Model Bacterium for Analysis of the Biosynthesis and Regulation of Prodigiosin, a Carbapenem, and …
PC Fineran, MC Iglesias Cans, JP Ramsay, NM Wilf, D Cossyleon, ...
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The evolution of antibiotic resistance is associated with collateral drug phenotypes in Mycobacterium tuberculosis
NJE Waller, CY Cheung, GM Cook, MB McNeil
Nature Communications 14 (1), 1517, 2023
An amiloride derivative is active against the F1Fo-ATP synthase and cytochrome bd oxidase of Mycobacterium tuberculosis
K Hards, CY Cheung, N Waller, C Adolph, L Keighley, ZS Tee, LK Harold, ...
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The conserved RGxxE motif of the bacterial FAD assembly factor SdhE is required for succinate dehydrogenase flavinylation and activity
MB McNeil, PC Fineran
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Cell wall inhibitors increase the accumulation of rifampicin in Mycobacterium tuberculosis
MB McNeil, S Chettiar, D Awasthi, T Parish
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CRISPR interference identifies vulnerable cellular pathways with bactericidal phenotypes in Mycobacterium tuberculosis
MB McNeil, LM Keighley, JR Cook, CY Cheung, GM Cook
Molecular microbiology 116 (4), 1033-1043, 2021
Transcriptional Inhibition of the F1F0-Type ATP Synthase Has Bactericidal Consequences on the Viability of Mycobacteria
MB McNeil, HWK Ryburn, LK Harold, JF Tirados, GM Cook
Antimicrobial agents and chemotherapy 64 (8), 10.1128/aac. 00492-20, 2020
Multiple mutations in Mycobacterium tuberculosis MmpL3 increase resistance to MmpL3 inhibitors
MB McNeil, T O’Malley, D Dennison, CD Shelton, B Sunde, T Parish
MSphere 5 (5), 10.1128/msphere. 00985-20, 2020
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