Jidong Zhai
Jidong Zhai
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Glm-130b: An open bilingual pre-trained model
A Zeng, X Liu, Z Du, Z Wang, H Lai, M Ding, Z Yang, Y Xu, W Zheng, X Xia, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:2210.02414, 2022
Phantom: predicting performance of parallel applications on large-scale parallel machines using a single node
J Zhai, W Chen, W Zheng
ACM sigplan notices 45 (5), 305-314, 2010
Cloud versus in-house cluster: evaluating amazon cluster compute instances for running mpi applications
Y Zhai, M Liu, J Zhai, X Ma, W Chen
State of the Practice Reports, 1-10, 2011
Understanding co-running behaviors on integrated CPU/GPU architectures
F Zhang, J Zhai, B He, S Zhang, W Chen
IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems 28 (3), 905-918, 2016
POCLib: A high-performance framework for enabling near orthogonal processing on compression
F Zhang, J Zhai, X Shen, O Mutlu, X Du
IEEE transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems 33 (2), 459-475, 2021
Understanding and bridging the gaps in current GNN performance optimizations
K Huang, J Zhai, Z Zheng, Y Yi, X Shen
Proceedings of the 26th ACM SIGPLAN Symposium on Principles and Practice of …, 2021
Zwift: A programming framework for high performance text analytics on compressed data
F Zhang, J Zhai, X Shen, O Mutlu, W Chen
Proceedings of the 2018 International Conference on Supercomputing, 195-206, 2018
Process mapping for mpi collective communications
J Zhang, J Zhai, W Chen, W Zheng
Euro-Par 2009 Parallel Processing: 15th International Euro-Par Conference …, 2009
Cost-effective cloud HPC resource provisioning by building semi-elastic virtual clusters
S Niu, J Zhai, X Ma, X Tang, W Chen
Proceedings of the International Conference on High Performance Computing …, 2013
Fastmoe: A fast mixture-of-expert training system
J He, J Qiu, A Zeng, Z Yang, J Zhai, J Tang
arXiv preprint arXiv:2103.13262, 2021
Graphpi: High performance graph pattern matching through effective redundancy elimination
T Shi, M Zhai, Y Xu, J Zhai
SC20: International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking …, 2020
FinePar: Irregularity-aware fine-grained workload partitioning on integrated architectures
F Zhang, B Wu, J Zhai, B He, W Chen
2017 IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Code Generation and Optimization …, 2017
{PET}: Optimizing tensor programs with partially equivalent transformations and automated corrections
H Wang, J Zhai, M Gao, Z Ma, S Tang, L Zheng, Y Li, K Rong, Y Chen, ...
15th USENIX Symposium on Operating Systems Design and Implementation (OSDI …, 2021
Norms of the screen for child anxiety related emotional disorders in Chinese urban children
K Wang
Chinese Journal of Clinical Psychology 10 (4), 270-272, 2002
TADOC: Text analytics directly on compression
F Zhang, J Zhai, X Shen, D Wang, Z Chen, O Mutlu, W Chen, X Du
The VLDB Journal 30, 163-188, 2021
Bitflow: Exploiting vector parallelism for binary neural networks on cpu
Y Hu, J Zhai, D Li, Y Gong, Y Zhu, W Liu, L Su, J Jin
2018 IEEE international parallel and distributed processing symposium (IPDPS …, 2018
Scalable graph traversal on sunway taihulight with ten million cores
H Lin, X Tang, B Yu, Y Zhuo, W Chen, J Zhai, W Yin, W Zheng
2017 IEEE International Parallel and Distributed Processing Symposium (IPDPS …, 2017
Hybrid network system, communication method and network node
W Zheng, W Chen, W Xue, J Zhai, K Chen
US Patent 10,778,738, 2020
Cypress: Combining static and dynamic analysis for top-down communication trace compression
J Zhai, J Hu, X Tang, X Ma, W Chen
SC'14: Proceedings of the International Conference for High Performance …, 2014
Efficient document analytics on compressed data: Method, challenges, algorithms, insights
F Zhang, J Zhai, X Shen, O Mutlu, W Chen
Proceedings of the VLDB Endowment 11 (11), 1522-1535, 2018
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