Niki Lambropoulos PhD
Niki Lambropoulos PhD
Educator, HCI Education Senior Researcher
Patvirtintas el. paštas
Supporting social awareness in collaborative e‐learning
N Lambropoulos, X Faulkner, F Culwin
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User-centered design of online learning communities
N Lambropoulos
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Collaboration Awareness Tool (Euro-CAT) for communication, coordination and knowledge convergence in Computer Supported Collaborative Learning (CSCL).
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Playful blended digital storytelling in 3D immersive elearning environments: a cost effective early literacy motivation method
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Learning experience+ within 3D immersive worlds
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Educational Social Software for Context-Aware Learning: Collaborative Methods and Human Interaction: Collaborative Methods and Human Interaction
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User innovation networks and research challenges
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The project method e-course: The use of tools towards the evolution of the Greek teachers' online community
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Sociability and usability for contribution based on situated informal learning and consensus knowledge building in online communities
N Lambropoulos
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Digital game creation as a creative learning activity
M Romero, N Lambropoulos
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Pedagogical and immersive design principles in motion-sensing games: demonstration on Altenerville for physics
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Culture-Based Language Learning ObjectsL A CALL Approach for a Ubiquitous World
N Lambropoulos, M Christopoulou, K Vlachos
User-centered computer aided language learning, 22-43, 2006
Culture-Based Language Learning ObjectsL A CALL Approach for a Ubiquitous World
N Lambropoulos, M Christopoulou, K Vlachos
User-centered computer aided language learning, 22-43, 2006
Immersive Worlds for Learning eXperience+: Engaging users in the zone of proximal flow in Second Life
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Tools and evaluation techniques for collaborative e-learning communities
N Lambropoulos
Unpublished doctoral dissertation, Centre for Interactive Systems …, 2009
Fostering collaborative creativity and metacognitive awareness in e-learning framework-The case of Hybrid Synergy Tag tool
N Lambropoulos, P Kampylis
Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference of Greek Association of …, 2009
Hybrid Synergy for virtual knowledge working
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Intelligent dynamic enquiry for innovation technology: Towards multi-agent systems
N Lambropoulos
the Proceedings of the Conference Artificial Intelligence and Applications …, 2004
Distributed leadership collaboration factors to support idea generation in computer-supported collaborative e-learning
N Lambropoulos, A Bakharia, A Gourdin
Human Technology: An Interdisciplinary Journal on Humans in ICT Environments, 2011
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