Mohammad Ghasemzadeh
Mohammad Ghasemzadeh
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Applying reinforcement learning for web pages ranking algorithms
V Derhami, E Khodadadian, M Ghasemzadeh, AMZ Bidoki
Applied Soft Computing 13 (4), 1686-1692, 2013
An automatic method for CVSS score prediction using vulnerabilities description
A Khazaei, M Ghasemzadeh, V Derhami
Journal of Intelligent & Fuzzy Systems 30 (1), 89-96, 2016
QoS-Based web service composition based on genetic algorithm
M AllamehAmiri, V Derhami, M Ghasemzadeh
Journal of AI and Data Mining 1 (2), 63-73, 2013
A novel real-time power aware routing protocol in wireless sensor networks
P Rezayat, M Mahdavi, M Ghasemzadeh, M Sarram
IJCSNS 10 (4), 300-305, 2010
Internet of things-based energy management, challenges, and solutions in smart cities
W Shafik, SM Matinkhah, M Ghasemzadeh
Journal of Communications Technology, Electronics and Computer Science 27, 1-11, 2020
A novel real-time routing protocol in wireless sensor networks
P Rezayat, M Mahdavi, M Ghasemzadeh, MA Sarram
Current Trends in Information Technology (CTIT), 2009 International …, 2009
A new cluster based routing protocol for prolonging network lifetime in wireless sensor networks
M Soleimani, M Ghasemzadeh, MA Sarram
Middle-East Journal of Scientific Research 7 (6), 884-890, 2011
Embedding memoization to the semantic tree search for deciding QBFs
M GhasemZadeh, V Klotz, C Meinel
Australasian Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 681-693, 2004
K-terminal network reliability evaluation using binary decision diagram
M Ghasemzadeh, C Meinel, S Khanji
2008 3rd International Conference on Information and Communication …, 2008
A fast machine learning for 5g beam selection for unmanned aerial vehicle applications
W Shafik, SM Matinkhah, M Ghasemzadeh
Information Systems & Telecommunication 7 (28), 262-278, 2019
Performance Evaluation of AODV Protocol under DDoS Attacks in MANET
S Saraeian, F Adibniya, M GhasemZadeh, SA Abtahi
World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology 45, 501, 2008
A new algorithm for the quantified satisfiability problem, based on zero-suppressed binary decision diagrams and memoization
M Ghasemzadeh
Universität Potsdam, 2005
Emerging artificial intelligence application: reinforcement learning issues on current internet of things
SM Matinkhah, W Shafik, M Ghasemzadeh
2019 16th international Conference in information knowledge and Technology …, 2019
Theoretical understanding of deep learning in uav biomedical engineering technologies analysis
W Shafik, SM Matinkhah, M Ghasemzadeh
SN Computer Science 1 (6), 1-13, 2020
A hybrid machine learning method for intrusion detection
HR Hemati, M Ghasemzadeh, C Meinel
International Journal of Engineering 29 (9), 1242-1246, 2016
A novel ranking algorithm based on Reinforcement Learning
E Khodadadian, M Ghasemzadeh, V Derhami, SA Mirsoleimani
The 16th CSI International Symposium on Artificial Intelligence and Signal …, 2012
Personalization of Search Engines, Based-on Comparative Analysis of User Behavior
S Bostan, M Ghasemzadeh
Journal of Advances in Computer Research 6 (2), 65-72, 2015
Zqsat: a qsat solver based on zero-suppressed binary decision diagrams
M GhasemZadeh, V Klotz, C Meinel
Technical report, University of Trier, 2004
Machine learning algorithms for time series in financial markets
M Ghasemzadeh, N Mohammad-Karimi, H Ansari-Samani
Advances in Mathematical Finance and Applications 5 (4), 479-490, 2020
Adaptive DSR protocol with cooperative agents for different mobility and traffic patterns
M Rajabzadeh, F Adibniya, M Ghasemzadeh
2008 Third International Conference on Systems and Networks Communications …, 2008
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