Francois Gaascht
Francois Gaascht
University of Minnesota - BioTechnology Institute
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Chemopreventive potential of curcumin in prostate cancer
MH Teiten, F Gaascht, S Eifes, M Dicato, M Diederich
Genes & nutrition 5, 61-74, 2010
Anti-proliferative potential of curcumin in androgen-dependent prostate cancer cells occurs through modulation of the Wingless signaling pathway
MH Teiten, F Gaascht, M Cronauer, E Henry, M Dicato, M Diederich
International journal of oncology 38 (3), 603-611, 2011
Coffee provides a natural multitarget pharmacopeia against the hallmarks of cancer
F Gaascht, M Dicato, M Diederich
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Anticancer bioactivity of compounds from medicinal plants used in European medieval traditions
MH Teiten, F Gaascht, M Dicato, M Diederich
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Aurones: Interesting Natural and Synthetic Compounds with Emerging Biological Potential
C Zwergel, F Gaascht, S Valente, M Diederich, D Bagrel, G Kirsch
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UNBS1450, a steroid cardiac glycoside inducing apoptotic cell death in human leukemia cells
T Juncker, C Cerella, MH Teiten, F Morceau, M Schumacher, J Ghelfi, ...
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Targeting the wingless signaling pathway with natural compounds as chemopreventive or chemotherapeutic agents
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Novel inhibitors of human histone deacetylases: Design, synthesis and bioactivity of 3-alkenoylcoumarines
C Seidel, M Schnekenburger, C Zwergel, F Gaascht, A Mai, M Dicato, ...
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Embellicines A and B-Absolute Configuration and NF-κB Transcriptional Inhibitory Activity
W Ebrahim, AH Aly, V Wray, A Mándi, MH Teiten, F Gaascht, B Orlikova, ...
Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 56 (7), 2991–2999, 2013
Discovery of Antifungal and Biofilm Preventative Compounds from Mycelial Cultures of a Unique North American Hericium sp. Fungus
X Song, F Gaascht, C Schmidt-Dannert, CE Salomon
Molecules 25 (4), 963, 2020
Plumbagin modulates leukemia cell redox status
F Gaascht, MH Teiten, C Cerella, M Dicato, D Bagrel, M Diederich
Molecules 19 (7), 10011-10032, 2014
Venus Flytrap (Dionaea muscipula Solander ex Ellis) Contains Powerful Compounds that Prevent and Cure Cancer
F Gaascht, M Dicato, M Diederich
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Natural compounds as inflammation inhibitors
M Schumacher, T Juncker, M Schnekenburger, F Gaascht, M Diederich
Genes & Nutrition 6 (2), 89-92, 2011
Molecular identification and antimicrobial activity of foliar endophytic fungi on the brazilian pepper tree (S chinus terebinthifolius) reveal new species of Diaporthe
GD Dos Santos, RR Gomes, R Gonçalves, G Fornari, BH Maia, ...
Current Microbiology 78 (8), 3218-3229, 2021
Approche végétale dans le traitement des leucémies
F Gaascht, MH Teiten, M Schumacher, M Dicato, M Diederich
Corresp Onco-Hématol 102, 8, 2010
Design of a genetically programmable and customizable protein scaffolding system for the hierarchical assembly of robust, functional macroscale materials
R Zhang, S Kang, FJ Gaascht, EL Pena, C Schmidt-Dannert
bioRxiv, 2024.05. 02.592261, 2024
Découverte, identification et caractérisation de molécules d'origine naturelle capables de cibler les voies de transduction, de prolifération, d'inflammation et de mort …
University of Lorraine (Metz, France), 2014
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