Sumitava Mallik
Sumitava Mallik
Marie Curie Post-Doc Fellow, University of Bologna
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Ru(II)-Catalyzed Oxidative Heck-Type Olefination of Aromatic Carboxylic Acids with Styrenes through Carboxylate-Assisted C–H Bond Activation
S Dana, A Mandal, H Sahoo, S Mallik, GS Grandhi, M Baidya
Organic letters 20 (3), 716-719, 2018
Nitrosocarbonyl−Henry and Denitration Cascade: Synthesis of α‑Ketoamides and α‑Keto Oximes
MK Reddy, S Mallik, I Ramakrishna, M Baidya
Organic Letters, 2017
Advanced Nitroso Aldol Reaction: Metal-Free Cross-Coupling of Anilines with Silyl Enol Ethers En Route to α-Amino Ketones
I Ramakrishna, V Bhajammanavar, S Mallik, M Baidya
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An efficient synthesis of 1, 3-dimethyl-5-(2-phenyl-4 H-chromen-4-ylidene) pyrimidine-2, 4, 6 (1 H, 3 H, 5 H)-triones and investigation of their interactions with β-lactoglobiulin
N Sepay, S Mallik, C Guha, AK Mallik
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Vinylogous annulation cascade toward stereoselective synthesis of highly functionalized indanone derivatives
V Bhajammanavar, S Mallik, M Baidya
Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis 361 (23), 5472-5477, 2019
Synthesis of several types of 2, 8-dioxabicyclo [3.3. 1] nonanes using amberlyst-15 as an efficient recyclable heterogeneous catalyst
S Samanta, N Sepay, S Mallik, R Mondal, M Rahaman Molla, AK Mallik
Synthetic Communications 47 (23), 2195-2201, 2017
Oxidative cross-dehydrogenative [2+ 3] annulation of α-amino ketones with α-keto esters: concise synthesis of clausenamide analogues
V Bhajammanavar, S Mallik, M Baidya
Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry 17 (7), 1740-1743, 2019
A Visible-Light-Induced α-Aminoalkyl-Radical-Mediated Halogen-Atom Transfer Process: Modular Synthesis of Phenanthridinone Alkaloids
K Mondal, S Mallik, S Sardana, M Baidya
Organic Letters 25 (10), 1689-1694, 2023
Catalytic Regiodivergent Dearomatization Reaction of Nitrosocarbonyl Intermediates with β-Naphthols
MB Sumitava Mallik, Vinod Bhajammanavar, Arka Probha Mukherjee
Org. Lett. 21 (7), 2352, 2019
Cross-Aldol Reaction of Activated Carbonyls with Nitrosocarbonyl Intermediates: Stereoselective Synthesis toward α‑Hydroxy-β-amino Esters and Amides
S Mallik, V Bhajammanavar, I Ramakrishna, M Baidya
Organic Letters, 2017
Divergent Reaction of Activated Pyridines with α,α-Difluorinated gem-Diols: Regioselective Synthesis of gem-Difluorinated Dihydropyridines and Dihydropyridones
K Patra, MK Reddy, S Mallik, M Baidya
Organic Letters 24 (22), 4014-4018, 2022
Catalyst-Controlled Regioselective Nitrosocarbonyl Aldol Reaction of Deconjugated Butenolides
S Mallik, V Bhajammanavar, M Baidya
Organic letters 22 (4), 1437-1441, 2020
N-aminations of benzylamines and alicyclic amines with nitrosoarenes to hydrazones and hydrazides
A Purkait, CK Jana
Synthesis 51 (13), 2687-2696, 2019
Design and synthesis of a new class of 2, 4-thiazolidinedione based macrocycles suitable for Fe 3+ sensing
N Sepay, S Mallik, PC Saha, AK Mallik
New Journal of Chemistry 42 (18), 15270-15276, 2018
Diastereoselective access to [4, 4]-carbospirocycles: governance of thermodynamic enolates with an organocatalyst in vinylogous cascade annulation
V Bhajammanavar, S Mallik, VSK Choutipalli, V Subramanian, M Baidya
Chemical Communications 58 (13), 2188-2191, 2022
Facile Synthesis of a New Class of Pyrazolone Attached Chromene Derivatives Showing Good Binding with β‐Lactoglobulin
C Guha, N Sepay, S Mallik, AK Mallik
ChemistrySelect 3 (18), 5138-5142, 2018
On the regioselectivity of the amberlyst-15 catalyzed condensation of 2-hydroxychalcones and 4, 4-dimethylcyclohexane-1, 3-dione
N Sepay, S Mallik, C Guha, R Mondal, AK Mallik
Monatshefte für Chemie-Chemical Monthly 149, 2113-2121, 2018
Regioselective Nitrosocarbonyl Aldol Reaction of Deconjugated Butyrolactams: Synthesis of γ‐Heterosubstituted α, β‐Unsaturated γ‐Lactams
S Mallik, V Bhajammanavar, M Baidya
Asian Journal of Organic Chemistry 10 (6), 1419-1423, 2021
A Union of Distinct Azolium Salts Toward Stereoselective Synthesis of Tertiary Amine Cage Frameworks
K Patra, S Deb, S Mulani, S Mallik, M Baidya
Divergent nitrosocarbonyl aldol reactions with organocatalyst and transition metal catalyst
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