Patrik Scajev
Patrik Scajev
Senior Researcher, Institute of Photonics and Nanotechnology, Vilnius University
Patvirtintas el. paštas
Fast and slow carrier recombination transients in highly excited 4H–and 3C–SiC crystals at room temperature
P Ščajev, V Gudelis, K Jarašiūnas, PB Klein
Journal of Applied Physics 108 (2), 023705, 2010
Carrier dynamics in bulk GaN
P ŠcŽajev, K Jarašiūnas, S Okur, Ü Özgür, H Morkoç
Journal of Applied Physics 111 (2), 023702, 2012
Diffusion-limited nonradiative recombination at extended defects in hydride vapor phase epitaxy GaN layers
P Ščajev, A Usikov, V Soukhoveev, R Aleksiejūnas, K Jarašiūnas
Applied Physics Letters 98 (20), 202105, 2011
Diffusion Enhancement in Highly Excited MAPbI3 Perovskite Layers with Additives
P Scajev, C Qin, R Aleksieju̅nas, P Baronas, S Miasojedovas, T Fujihara, ...
The journal of physical chemistry letters 9 (12), 3167-3172, 2018
Nonequilibrium carrier dynamics in bulk HPHT diamond at two‐photon carrier generation
P Ščajev, V Gudelis, E Ivakin, K Jarašiūnas
physica status solidi (a) 208 (9), 2067-2072, 2011
Two regimes of carrier diffusion in vapor-deposited lead-halide perovskites
P Ščajev, R Aleksiejunas, S Miasojedovas, S Nargelas, M Inoue, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 121 (39), 21600-21609, 2017
Anisotropy of free-carrier absorption and diffusivity in m-plane GaN
P Ščajev, K Jarašiūnas, Ü Özgür, H Morkoç, J Leach, T Paskova
Applied Physics Letters 100 (2), 022112, 2012
Excitation-dependent carrier lifetime and diffusion length in bulk CdTe determined by time-resolved optical pump-probe techniques
P Ščajev, S Miasojedovas, A Mekys, D Kuciauskas, KG Lynn, SK Swain, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 123 (2), 025704, 2018
Temperature-and excitation-dependent carrier diffusivity and recombination rate in 4H-SiC
P Ščajev, K Jarašiūnas
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 46 (26), 265304, 2013
Carrier recombination and diffusivity in microcrystalline CVD‐grown and single‐crystalline HPHT diamonds
P Ščajev, V Gudelis, K Jarašiūnas, I Kisialiou, E Ivakin, M Nesládek, ...
physica status solidi (a) 209 (9), 1744-1749, 2012
A diffraction-based technique for determination of interband absorption coefficients in bulk 3C-, 4H-and 6H-SiC crystals
P Ščajev, M Kato, K Jarašiūnas
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 44 (36), 365402, 2011
Comparative studies of carrier dynamics in 3C-SiC layers grown on Si and 4H-SiC substrates
P Ščajev, J Hassan, K Jarašiūnas, M Kato, A Henry, JP Bergman
Journal of electronic materials 40 (4), 394-399, 2011
Radiative efficiency and charge‐carrier lifetimes and diffusion length in polycrystalline CdSeTe heterostructures
D Kuciauskas, J Moseley, P Ščajev, D Albin
physica status solidi (RRL)–Rapid Research Letters 14 (3), 1900606, 2020
Optical monitoring of nonequilibrium carrier diffusion in single crystalline CVD and HPHT diamonds under high optical excitation
P Ščajev, T Malinauskas, L Lubys, E Ivakin, M Nesladek, K Haenen, ...
physica status solidi (RRL)–Rapid Research Letters 5 (5‐6), 193-195, 2011
Light-induced reflectivity transients in black-Si nanoneedles
P Ščajev, T Malinauskas, G Seniutinas, MD Arnold, A Gentle, ...
Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 144, 221-227, 2016
Injection and temperature dependent carrier recombination rate and diffusion length in freestanding CVD diamond
P Ščajev, V Gudelis, A Tallaire, J Barjon, K Jarašiūnas
physica status solidi (a) 210 (10), 2016-2021, 2013
Impact of diffusivity to carrier recombination rate in nitride semiconductors: from bulk GaN to (In, Ga) N quantum wells
R Aleksiejūnas, P Ščajev, S Nargelas, T Malinauskas, A Kadys, ...
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 52 (8S), 08JK01, 2013
Features of free carrier and exciton recombination, diffusion, and photoluminescence in undoped and phosphorus-doped diamond layers
P Ščajev, J Jurkevičius, J Mickevičius, K Jarašiūnas, H Kato
Diamond and Related Materials 57, 9-16, 2015
Application of a time-resolved four-wave mixing technique for the determination of thermal properties of 4H–SiC crystals
P Ščajev, K Jarašiūnas
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 42 (5), 055413, 2009
Luminescence properties of LiGaO2 crystal
L Trinkler, A Trukhin, B Berzina, V Korsaks, P Ščajev, R Nedzinskas, ...
Optical Materials 69, 449-459, 2017
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