J.R. Alvarez-Idaboy
J.R. Alvarez-Idaboy
Facultad de Qumica UNAM
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Food antioxidants: chemical insights at the molecular level
A Galano, G Mazzone, R Alvarez-Diduk, T Marino, JR Alvarez-Idaboy, ...
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A Galano, J Raúl Alvarez‐Idaboy
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JR Alvarez-Idaboy, L Reyes, N Mora-Diez
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Empirically Fitted Parameters for Calculating pKa Values with Small Deviations from Experiments Using a Simple Computational Strategy
A Galano, A Pérez-González, R Castañeda-Arriaga, L Muñoz-Rugeles, ...
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A Vega-Rodriguez, JR Alvarez-Idaboy
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Comprehensive investigation of the antioxidant and pro-oxidant effects of phenolic compounds: A double-edged sword in the context of oxidative stress?
R Castañeda-Arriaga, A Pérez-González, M Reina, JR Alvarez-Idaboy, ...
The journal of physical chemistry B 122 (23), 6198-6214, 2018
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