Michael B. Hall
Michael B. Hall
Patvirtintas el. paštas
Sustainable data analysis with Snakemake
F Mölder, KP Jablonski, B Letcher, MB Hall, CH Tomkins-Tinch, V Sochat, ...
F1000Research 10, 2021
Chiron: translating nanopore raw signal directly into nucleotide sequence using deep learning
H Teng, MD Cao, MB Hall, T Duarte, S Wang, LJM Coin
GigaScience 7 (5), giy037, 2018
Antibiotic resistance prediction for Mycobacterium tuberculosis from genome sequence data with Mykrobe
M Hunt, P Bradley, SG Lapierre, S Heys, M Thomsit, MB Hall, KM Malone, ...
Wellcome open research 4, 2019
Freshwater monitoring by nanopore sequencing
L Urban, A Holzer, JJ Baronas, MB Hall, P Braeuninger-Weimer, ...
Elife 10, e61504, 2021
Rasusa: randomly subsample sequencing reads to a specified coverage
MB Hall
Journal of Open Source Software 7 (69), 3941, 2022
Pandora: nucleotide-resolution bacterial pan-genomics with reference graphs
RM Colquhoun, MB Hall, L Lima, LW Roberts, KM Malone, M Hunt, ...
Genome biology 22, 1-30, 2021
Evaluation of Nanopore sequencing for Mycobacterium tuberculosis drug susceptibility testing and outbreak investigation: a genomic analysis
MB Hall, MS Rabodoarivelo, A Koch, A Dippenaar, S George, ...
The Lancet Microbe 4 (2), e84-e92, 2023
Minos: variant adjudication and joint genotyping of cohorts of bacterial genomes
M Hunt, B Letcher, KM Malone, G Nguyen, MB Hall, RM Colquhoun, ...
Genome Biology 23 (1), 147, 2022
Whole genome deep sequencing analysis of cell-free DNA in samples with low tumour content
D Ganesamoorthy, AJ Robertson, W Chen, MB Hall, MD Cao, K Ferguson, ...
BMC cancer 22 (1), 85, 2022
Genomic sequencing from sputum for tuberculosis disease diagnosis, lineage determination, and drug susceptibility prediction
K Nilgiriwala, MS Rabodoarivelo, MB Hall, G Patel, A Mandal, S Mishra, ...
Journal of Clinical Microbiology 61 (3), e01578-22, 2023
Drug-resistant tuberculosis in pet ring-tailed lemur, Madagascar
M LaFleur, KE Reuter, MB Hall, HH Rasoanaivo, S McKernan, ...
Emerging Infectious Diseases 27 (3), 977, 2021
Assessment of the 2021 WHO Mycobacterium tuberculosis drug resistance mutation catalogue on an independent dataset
MB Hall, LJM Coin
The Lancet Microbe 3 (9), e645, 2022
Concordance of targeted and whole genome sequencing for Mycobacterium tuberculosis genotypic drug susceptibility testing
WC Charette, MS Rabodoarivelo, F Point, AM Knoblauch, ...
Diagnostic Microbiology and Infectious Disease 109 (2), 116249, 2024
Benchmarking reveals superiority of deep learning variant callers on bacterial nanopore sequence data
MB Hall, RR Wick, LM Judd, ANT Nguyen, EJ Steinig, O Xie, MR Davies, ...
bioRxiv, 2024.03. 15.585313, 2024
Pangenome databases improve host removal and mycobacteria classification from clinical metagenomic data
MB Hall, LJM Coin
GigaScience 13, giae010, 2024
Drug resistance prediction for Mycobacterium tuberculosis with reference graphs
MB Hall, L Lima, LJM Coin, Z Iqbal
Microbial Genomics 9 (8), 001081, 2023
Examining bacterial variation with genome graphs and Nanopore sequencing
M Hall
Automated connection of diagnostics with instant outbreak triage and live global surveillance for TB
Z Iqbal, P Bradley, M Thomsit, S Heys, P Wintringer, MG López, M Hunt, ...
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