Mattia Falconi
Mattia Falconi
Department of Biology, University of Rome Tor Vergata
Patvirtintas el. paštas
The fragile X syndrome protein represses activity-dependent translation through CYFIP1, a new 4E-BP
I Napoli, V Mercaldo, PP Boyl, B Eleuteri, F Zalfa, S De Rubeis, ...
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Potential of curcumin in skin disorders
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Crystal structure of yeast Cu, Zn superoxide dismutase: crystallographic refinement at 2.5 Å resolution
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Superefficient enzymes
ME Stroppolo, M Falconi, AM Caccuri, A Desideri
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Molecular dynamics simulation of solvated azurin: correlation between surface solvent accessibility and water residence times
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Single mutation in the linker domain confers protein flexibility and camptothecin resistance to human topoisomerase I
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Evolutionary conservativeness of electric field in the Cu, Zn superoxide dismutase active site: evidence for co-ordinated mutation of charged amino acid residues
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JNK3 as a therapeutic target for neurodegenerative diseases
X Antoniou, M Falconi, D Di Marino, T Borsello
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Peculiar spectroscopic and kinetic properties of Cys-47 in human placental glutathione transferase. Evidence for an atypical thiolate ion pair near the active site.
ML Bello, MW Parker, A Desideri, F Polticelli, M Falconi, G Del Boccio, ...
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Receptor-mediated entry of pristine octahedral DNA nanocages in mammalian cells
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The relevance of piroxicam for the prevention and treatment of nonmelanoma skin cancer and its precursors
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BC1-FMRP interaction is modulated by 2′-O-methylation: RNA-binding activity of the tudor domain and translational regulation at synapses
C Lacoux, D Di Marino, P Pilo Boyl, F Zalfa, B Yan, MT Ciotti, M Falconi, ...
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Functional analysis and molecular dynamics simulation of LOX-1 K167N polymorphism reveal alteration of receptor activity
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Prokaryotic Cu, Zn superoxide dismutases
A Desideri, M Falconi
Biochemical Society Transactions 31 (6), 1322-1325, 2003
The Salmonella enterica ZinT structure, zinc affinity and interaction with the high-affinity uptake protein ZnuA provide insight into the management of periplasmic zinc
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The essential dynamics of Cu, Zn superoxide dismutase: suggestion of intersubunit communication
G Chillemi, M Falconi, A Amadei, G Zimatore, A Desideri, A Di Nola
Biophysical journal 73 (2), 1007-1018, 1997
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