Maria (Marietta) Armaka
Maria (Marietta) Armaka
BSRC "Alexander Fleming"
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Proof of concept: enthesitis and new bone formation in spondyloarthritis are driven by mechanical strain and stromal cells
P Jacques, S Lambrecht, E Verheugen, E Pauwels, G Kollias, M Armaka, ...
Annals of the rheumatic diseases 73 (2), 437-445, 2014
Mesenchymal cell targeting by TNF as a common pathogenic principle in chronic inflammatory joint and intestinal diseases
M Armaka, M Apostolaki, P Jacques, DL Kontoyiannis, D Elewaut, ...
The Journal of experimental medicine 205 (2), 331-337, 2008
Genetic dissection of the cellular pathways and signaling mechanisms in modeled tumor necrosis factor–induced Crohn's-like inflammatory bowel disease
D Kontoyiannis, G Boulougouris, M Manoloukos, M Armaka, M Apostolaki, ...
The Journal of experimental medicine 196 (12), 1563-1574, 2002
Generation and characterization of p38β (MAPK11) gene-targeted mice
VA Beardmore, HJ Hinton, C Eftychi, M Apostolaki, M Armaka, J Darragh, ...
Molecular and cellular biology 25 (23), 10454-10464, 2005
Cellular mechanisms of TNF function in models of inflammation and autoimmunity
M Apostolaki, M Armaka, P Victoratos, G Kollias
TNF Pathophysiology 11, 1-26, 2010
RANKL expressed on synovial fibroblasts is primarily responsible for bone erosions during joint inflammation
L Danks, N Komatsu, MM Guerrini, S Sawa, M Armaka, G Kollias, ...
Annals of the rheumatic diseases 75 (6), 1187-1195, 2016
Antiviral properties of isoborneol, a potent inhibitor of herpes simplex virus type 1
M Armaka, E Papanikolaou, A Sivropoulou, M Arsenakis
Antiviral Res. 43 (2), 79-92, 1999
Autotaxin expression from synovial fibroblasts is essential for the pathogenesis of modeled arthritis
I Nikitopoulou, N Oikonomou, E Karouzakis, I Sevastou, ...
Journal of Experimental Medicine 209 (5), 925-933, 2012
The mesenchymal context in inflammation, immunity and cancer
V Koliaraki, A Prados, M Armaka, G Kollias
Nature immunology 21 (9), 974-982, 2020
Epigenetically-driven anatomical diversity of synovial fibroblasts guides joint-specific fibroblast functions
M Frank-Bertoncelj, M Trenkmann, K Klein, E Karouzakis, H Rehrauer, ...
Nature communications 8 (1), 14852, 2017
Intestinal epithelial cells as producers but not targets of chronic TNF suffice to cause murine Crohn-like pathology
M Roulis, M Armaka, M Manoloukos, M Apostolaki, G Kollias
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 108 (13), 5396-5401, 2011
A20 prevents inflammasome-dependent arthritis by inhibiting macrophage necroptosis through its ZnF7 ubiquitin-binding domain
A Polykratis, A Martens, RO Eren, Y Shirasaki, M Yamagishi, ...
Nat Cell Biol 21 (6), 731-742, 2019
Safe TNF-based antitumor therapy following p55TNFR reduction in intestinal epithelium
F Van Hauwermeiren, M Armaka, N Karagianni, K Kranidioti, ...
The Journal of clinical investigation 123 (6), 2590, 2013
Cytoskeletal rearrangements in synovial fibroblasts as a novel pathophysiological determinant of modeled rheumatoid arthritis
V Aidinis, P Carninci, M Armaka, W Witke, V Harokopos, N Pavelka, ...
PLoS genetics 1 (4), e48, 2005
Functional analysis of an arthritogenic synovial fibroblast
V Aidinis, D Plows, S Haralambous, M Armaka, P Papadopoulos, ...
Arthritis Res Ther 5, 1-18, 2003
‘SMASH’recommendations for standardised microscopic arthritis scoring of histological sections from inflammatory arthritis animal models
S Hayer, MJ Vervoordeldonk, MC Denis, M Armaka, M Hoffmann, ...
Annals of the rheumatic diseases 80 (6), 714-726, 2021
Club cells form lung adenocarcinomas and maintain the alveoli of adult mice
M Spella, I Lilis, MAA Pepe, Y Chen, M Armaka, AS Lamort, DE Zazara, ...
Elife 8, e45571, 2019
Transmembrane TNF-α reverse signaling inhibits lipopolysaccharide-induced proinflammatory cytokine formation in macrophages by inducing TGF-β: therapeutic implications
A Pallai, B Kiss, G Vereb, M Armaka, G Kollias, Z Szekanecz, Z Szondy
The Journal of Immunology 196 (3), 1146-1157, 2016
A standardized protocol for the isolation and culture of normal and arthritogenic murine synovial fibroblasts
M Armaka, V Gkretsi, D Kontoyiannis, G Kollias
Protocol Exchange, 2009
Host and microbiota interactions are critical for development of murine Crohn’s-like ileitis
M Roulis, G Bongers, M Armaka, T Salviano, Z He, A Singh, U Seidler, ...
Mucosal immunology 9 (3), 787-797, 2016
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