Tiancheng Lou
Tiancheng Lou
Patvirtintas el. paštas
Inferring social ties across heterogenous networks
J Tang, T Lou, J Kleinberg
Proceedings of the fifth ACM international conference on Web search and data …, 2012
Minimizing average interference through topology control
T Lou, H Tan, Y Wang, FCM Lau
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Mining structural hole spanners through information diffusion in social networks
T Lou, J Tang
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Who will follow you back? reciprocal relationship prediction
J Hopcroft, T Lou, J Tang
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Learning to predict reciprocity and triadic closure in social networks
T Lou, J Tang, J Hopcroft, Z Fang, X Ding
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Detecting community kernels in large social networks
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Transfer learning to infer social ties across heterogeneous networks
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Actively learning to infer social ties
H Zhuang, J Tang, W Tang, T Lou, A Chin, X Wang
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Width-parametrized SAT: Time--space tradeoffs
E Allender, S Chen, T Lou, PA Papakonstantinou, B Tang
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How long will she call me? distribution, social theory and duration prediction
Y Dong, J Tang, T Lou, B Wu, NV Chawla
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Inferring social status and rich club effects in enterprise communication networks
Y Dong, J Tang, NV Chawla, T Lou, Y Yang, B Wang
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Exact algorithms to minimize interference in wireless sensor networks
H Tan, T Lou, Y Wang, QS Hua, FCM Lau
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Analysis and design of multiple threshold changeable secret sharing schemes
T Lou, C Tartary
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Minimizing interference for the highway model in wireless ad-hoc and sensor networks
H Tan, T Lou, FCM Lau, Y Wang, S Chen
SOFSEM 2011: Theory and Practice of Computer Science: 37th Conference on …, 2011
On the complexity of connectivity in cognitive radio networks through spectrum assignment
H Liang, T Lou, H Tan, Y Wang, D Yu
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Transfer link prediction across heterogeneous social networks
J Tang, T Lou, J Kleinberg, S Wu
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An efficient algorithm for haplotype inference on pedigrees with a small number of recombinants
J Xiao, T Lou, T Jiang
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Bounds and trade-offs for double-base number systems
T Lou, X Sun, C Tartary
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Optimal rendezvous strategies for different environments in cognitive radio networks
H Tan, J Yu, H Liang, R Wang, Z Han
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Width-parameterized SAT: Time-space tradeoffs
S Chen, T Lou, P Papakonstantinou, B Tang
arXiv preprint arXiv:1108.2385, 2011
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