Piero Giulio Giulianini
Piero Giulio Giulianini
Professor of Zoology - University of Trieste, Italy
Patvirtintas el. paštas - Pagrindinis puslapis
Stress effect of different temperatures and air exposure during transport on physiological profiles in the American lobster< i> Homarus americanus</i>
S Lorenzon, PG Giulianini, M Martinis, EA Ferrero
Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology-Part A: Molecular & Integrative …, 2007
Brain-derived neurotrophic factor mRNA and protein are targeted to discrete dendritic laminas by events that trigger epileptogenesis
E Tongiorgi, M Armellin, PG Giulianini, G Bregola, S Zucchini, B Paradiso, ...
Journal of Neuroscience 24 (30), 6842-6852, 2004
Serum-resistant strains of Borrelia burgdorferi evade complement-mediated killing by expressing a CD59-like complement inhibitory molecule
M Pausa, V Pellis, M Cinco, PG Giulianini, G Presani, S Perticarari, ...
The Journal of Immunology 170 (6), 3214-3222, 2003
Stress effect of two different transport systems on the physiological profiles of the crab Cancer pagurus
S Lorenzon, PG Giulianini, S Libralato, M Martinis, EA Ferrero
Aquaculture 278 (1-4), 156-163, 2008
Ultrastructure of the hemocytes of Cetonischema aeruginosa larvae (Coleoptera, Scarabaeidae): involvement of both granulocytes and oenocytoids in in vivo phagocytosis
PG Giulianini, F Bertolo, S Battistella, GA Amirante
Tissue and Cell 35 (4), 243-251, 2003
Variation of crustacean hyperglycemic hormone (cHH) level in the eyestalk and haemolymph of the shrimp Palaemon elegans following stress
S Lorenzon, P Edomi, PG Giulianini, R Mettulio, EA Ferrero
Journal of experimental biology 207 (24), 4205-4213, 2004
Ultrastructural and functional characterization of circulating hemocytes from the freshwater crayfish Astacus leptodactylus: cell types and their role after in vivo artificial …
PG Giulianini, M Bierti, S Lorenzon, S Battistella, EA Ferrero
Micron 38 (1), 49-57, 2007
Role of biogenic amines and cHH in the crustacean hyperglycemic stress response
S Lorenzon, P Edomi, PG Giulianini, R Mettulio, EA Ferrero
Journal of experimental Biology 208 (17), 3341-3347, 2005
Lipopolysaccharide-induced hyperglycemia is mediated by CHH release in crustaceans
S Lorenzon, PG Giulianini, EA Ferrero
General and Comparative Endocrinology 108 (3), 395-405, 1997
Detection and control of invasive freshwater crayfish: from traditional to innovative methods
C Manfrin, C Souty-Grosset, PM Anastácio, J Reynolds, PG Giulianini
Diversity 11 (1), 5, 2019
Apis mellifera ligustica, Spinola 1806 as bioindicator for detecting environmental contamination: a preliminary study of heavy metal pollution in Trieste, Italy
A Giglio, A Ammendola, S Battistella, A Naccarato, A Pallavicini, ...
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 24, 659-665, 2017
The eyestalk transcriptome of red swamp crayfish Procambarus clarkii
C Manfrin, M Tom, G De Moro, M Gerdol, PG Giulianini, A Pallavicini
Gene 557 (1), 28-34, 2015
Gonad-inhibiting hormone of the Norway lobster (Nephrops norvegicus): cDNA cloning, expression, recombinant protein production, and immunolocalization
P Edomi, E Azzoni, R Mettulio, N Pandolfelli, EA Ferrero, PG Giulianini
Gene 284 (1-2), 93-102, 2002
Circulating hemocytes from larvae and adults of Carabus (Chaetocarabus) lefebvrei Dejean 1826 (Coleoptera, Carabidae): Cell types and their role in phagocytosis after in vivo …
A Giglio, S Battistella, FF Talarico, TZ Brandmayr, PG Giulianini
Micron 39 (5), 552-558, 2008
Reproductive biology of scad, Trachurus mediterraneus (Teleostei, Carangidae), from the Gulf of Trieste
M Viette, PG Giulianini, EA Ferrero
ICES Journal of Marine Science 54 (2), 267-272, 1997
Effects of metal pollution on survival and physiological responses in Carabus (Chaetocarabus) lefebvrei (Coleoptera, Carabidae)
F Talarico, P Brandmayr, PG Giulianini, F Ietto, A Naccarato, E Perrotta, ...
European Journal of Soil Biology 61, 80-89, 2014
Effects of the pesticide dimethoate on a non-target generalist carabid, Pterostichus melas italicus (Dejean, 1828)(Coleoptera: Carabidae)
A Giglio, PG Giulianini, T Zetto, F Talarico
Italian Journal of Zoology 78 (4), 471-477, 2011
Reproductive plasticity of a Procambarus clarkii population living 10 C below its thermal optimum
L Peruzza, F Piazza, C Manfrin, LC Bonzi, S Battistella, PG Giulianini
Aquatic Invasions 10 (2), 199-208, 2015
Functional aspects of cHH C-terminal amidation in crayfish species
A Mosco, P Edomi, C Guarnaccia, S Lorenzon, S Pongor, EA Ferrero, ...
Regulatory peptides 147 (1-3), 88-95, 2008
Expression of cytoskeletal and molt-related genes is temporally scheduled in the hypodermis of the crayfish Procambarus clarkii during premolt
M Tom, C Manfrin, SJ Chung, A Sagi, M Gerdol, G De Moro, A Pallavicini, ...
Journal of Experimental Biology 217 (23), 4193-4202, 2014
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