Vincent Jean-Marc
Vincent Jean-Marc
Associate Professor, Université Grenoble-Alpes, France
Patvirtintas el. paštas
Blood lactate levels are superior to oxygen-derived variables in predicting outcome in human septic shock
J Bakker, M Coffernils, M Leon, P Gris, JL Vincent
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The value of blood lactate kinetics in critically ill patients: a systematic review
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APP, PSEN1, and PSEN2 mutations in early-onset Alzheimer disease: A genetic screening study of familial and sporadic cases
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Lexique de termes juridiques
J Azéma, R Guillien, J Vincent
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Random graph generation for scheduling simulations
D Cordeiro, G Mounié, S Perarnau, D Trystram, JM Vincent, F Wagner
3rd International ICST Conference on Simulation Tools and Techniques …, 2010
Fluorous Biphasic Catalysis: Complexation of 1,4,7‐[C8F17(CH2)3]3‐1,4,7‐Triazacyclononane with [M(C8F17(CH2)2CO2)2] (M = Mn, Co) To Provide Perfluoroheptane‐Soluble …
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Antimicrobials: a global alliance for optimizing their rational use in intra-abdominal infections (AGORA)
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Reduction of stress/catecholamine-induced cardiac necrosis by beta1-selective blockade
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A highly active and reusable copper (I)-tren catalyst for the “click” 1, 3-dipolar cycloaddition of azides and alkynes
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Discovering statistical models of availability in large distributed systems: An empirical study of seti@ home
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Procédure civile
J Vincent, S Guinchard
Dalloz, 1981
Mining for statistical models of availability in large-scale distributed systems: An empirical study of seti@ home
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2009 IEEE International Symposium on Modeling, Analysis & Simulation of …, 2009
Diccionario jurídico: Aumentada y corregida
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Copper (I) complexes mediated cyclization reaction of unsaturated ester under fluoro biphasic procedure
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Increasing prevalence of primary biliary cholangitis and reduced mortality with treatment
M Lu, Y Zhou, IV Haller, RJ Romanelli, JJ VanWormer, CV Rodriguez, ...
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Benzoimidazole–pyrrolidine (BIP), a highly reactive chiral organocatalyst for aldol process
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Multiscalar analysis and map generalisation of discrete social phenomena: Statistical problems and political consequences
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Statistical Journal of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe 17 …, 2000
A flexible checkpoint/restart model in distributed systems
MS Bouguerra, T Gautier, D Trystram, JM Vincent
Parallel Processing and Applied Mathematics: 8th International Conference …, 2010
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