Tamsin Redgwell
Tamsin Redgwell
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Efficacy of an Optimised Bacteriophage Cocktail to Clear Clostridium difficile in a Batch Fermentation Model
JY Nale, TA Redgwell, A Millard, MRJ Clokie
Antibiotics 7 (1), 13, 2018
INfrastructure for a PHAge REference database: identification of large-scale biases in the current collection of cultured phage genomes
R Cook, N Brown, T Redgwell, B Rihtman, M Barnes, M Clokie, DJ Stekel, ...
Phage 2 (4), 214-223, 2021
Marine phage genomics: the tip of the iceberg
B Perez Sepulveda, T Redgwell, B Rihtman, F Pitt, DJ Scanlan, A Millard
FEMS Microbiology Letters 363 (15), fnw158, 2016
Riding the wave of genomics to investigate aquatic coliphage diversity and activity
S Michniewski, T Redgwell, A Grigonyte, B Rihtman, M Aguilo‐Ferretjans, ...
Environmental microbiology 21 (6), 2112-2128, 2019
Comparative Genomics of Bacteriophage of the Genus Seuratvirus
P Sazinas, T Redgwell, B Rihtman, A Grigonyte, S Michniewski, ...
Genome Biology and Evolution 10 (1), 72-76, 2018
The developing airway and gut microbiota in early life is influenced by age of older siblings
ED Christensen, MH Hjelmsø, J Thorsen, S Shah, T Redgwell, ...
Microbiome 10 (1), 106, 2022
Hundreds of viral families in the healthy infant gut
SA Shah, L Deng, J Thorsen, AG Pedersen, MB Dion, JL Castro-Mejía, ...
Biorxiv, 2021.07. 02.450849, 2021
Efficacy of an optimised bacteriophage cocktail to clear Clostridium difficile in a batch fermentation model. Antibiotics (Basel) 7: 13
JY Nale, TA Redgwell, A Millard, M Clokie
Prophages in the infant gut are largely induced, and may be functionally relevant to their hosts
TA Redgwell, J Thorsen, MA Petit, L Deng, GA Vestergaard, J Russel, ...
bioRxiv, 2021.06. 25.449885, 2021
Draft genome sequence of bacteriophage vB_Eco_swan01
S Michniewski, T Redgwell, DJ Scanlan, AD Millard
Genome Announcements 5 (28), e00501-17, 2017
Genome sequence and characterization of Coliphage vB_Eco_SLUR29
I Besler, P Sazinas, C Harrison, L Gannon, T Redgwell, S Michniewski, ...
Phage 1 (1), 38-44, 2020
Metagenomics of the viral community in three cattle slurry samples
P Sazinas, S Michniewski, B Rihtman, T Redgwell, A Grigonyte, A Brett, ...
Microbiology Resource Announcements 8 (7), e01442-18, 2019
The long and short of it: Benchmarking viromics using Illumina, Nanopore and PacBio sequencing technologies
R Cook, N Brown, B Rihtman, S Michniewski, T Redgwell, DJ Stekel, ...
bioRxiv, 2023.02. 12.527533, 2023
Hundreds of viral families in the healthy infant gut
D Nielsen, S Shah, L Deng, J Thorsen, A Pedersen, M Dion, ...
Microbial'parasites' Meet Climate Change: Marine Cyanobacteria as Viral Puppets
T Redgwell
University of Warwick, 2019
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