Bela Bode
Bela Bode
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Counting the monomers in nanometer-sized oligomers by pulsed electron− electron double resonance
BE Bode, D Margraf, J Plackmeyer, G Dürner, TF Prisner, O Schiemann
Journal of the American Chemical Society 129 (21), 6736-6745, 2007
Spin labeling of oligonucleotides with the nitroxide TPA and use of PELDOR, a pulse EPR method, to measure intramolecular distances
O Schiemann, N Piton, J Plackmeyer, BE Bode, TF Prisner, JW Engels
Nature protocols 2 (4), 904-923, 2007
PELDOR measurements on a nitroxide-labeled Cu (II) porphyrin: orientation selection, spin-density distribution, and conformational flexibility
BE Bode, J Plackmeyer, TF Prisner, O Schiemann
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 112 (23), 5064-5073, 2008
Benchmark test and guidelines for DEER/PELDOR experiments on nitroxide-labeled biomolecules
O Schiemann, CA Heubach, D Abdullin, K Ackermann, M Azarkh, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 143 (43), 17875-17890, 2021
PELDOR at S-and X-band frequencies and the separation of exchange coupling from dipolar coupling
A Weber, O Schiemann, B Bode, TF Prisner
Journal of Magnetic Resonance 157 (2), 277-285, 2002
Sub‐Micromolar Pulse Dipolar EPR Spectroscopy Reveals Increasing CuII‐labelling of Double‐Histidine Motifs with Lower Temperature
JL Wort, K Ackermann, A Giannoulis, AJ Stewart, DG Norman, BE Bode
Angewandte Chemie 131 (34), 11807-11811, 2019
Conformational flexibility of nitroxide biradicals determined by X-band PELDOR experiments
D Margraf, BE Bode, A Marko, O Schiemann, TF Prisner
Molecular Physics 105 (15-16), 2153-2160, 2007
Mechanistic Insight Enables Practical, Scalable, Room Temperature Chan–Lam N-Arylation of N-Aryl Sulfonamides
JC Vantourout, L Li, E Bendito-Moll, S Chabbra, K Arrington, BE Bode, ...
ACS Catalysis 8 (10), 9560-9566, 2018
Electron Spin Density Distribution in the Special Pair Triplet of Rhodobacter sphaeroides R26 Revealed by Magnetic Field Dependence of the Solid-State Photo …
SS Thamarath, BE Bode, S Prakash, KB Sai Sankar Gupta, A Alia, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 134 (13), 5921-5930, 2012
Optimization of transversal relaxation of nitroxides for pulsed electron− electron double resonance spectroscopy in phospholipid membranes
R Dastvan, BE Bode, MPR Karuppiah, A Marko, S Lyubenova, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 114 (42), 13507-13516, 2010
PELDOR on an exchange coupled nitroxide copper (II) spin pair
BE Bode, J Plackmeyer, M Bolte, TF Prisner, O Schiemann
Journal of Organometallic Chemistry 694 (7-8), 1172-1179, 2009
Allosteric activation of an ion channel triggered by modification of mechanosensitive nano-pockets
C Kapsalis, B Wang, H El Mkami, SJ Pitt, JR Schnell, TK Smith, JD Lippiat, ...
Nature Communications 10 (1), 4619, 2019
Accurate extraction of nanometer distances in multimers by pulse EPR
S Valera, K Ackermann, C Pliotas, H Huang, JH Naismith, BE Bode
Chemistry–A European Journal 22 (14), 4700-4703, 2016
PELDOR in rotationally symmetric homo-oligomers
A Giannoulis, R Ward, E Branigan, JH Naismith, BE Bode
Molecular physics 111 (18-19), 2845-2854, 2013
Orientation selection in high-field RIDME and PELDOR experiments involving low-spin Co II ions
A Giannoulis, CL Motion, M Oranges, M Bühl, GM Smith, BE Bode
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 20 (4), 2151-2154, 2018
Binding dynamics of a monomeric SSB protein to DNA: a single-molecule multi-process approach
MJ Morten, JR Peregrina, M Figueira-Gonzalez, K Ackermann, BE Bode, ...
Nucleic acids research 43 (22), 10907-10924, 2015
Nitroxide–nitroxide and nitroxide–metal distance measurements in transition metal complexes with two or three paramagnetic centres give access to thermodynamic and kinetic …
A Giannoulis, K Ackermann, PE Spindler, C Higgins, DB Cordes, ...
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 20 (16), 11196-11205, 2018
Nanomolar Pulse Dipolar EPR Spectroscopy in Proteins: CuII–CuII and Nitroxide–Nitroxide Cases
K Ackermann, JL Wort, BE Bode
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 125 (20), 5358-5364, 2021
Sparse labeling PELDOR spectroscopy on multimeric mechanosensitive membrane channels
K Ackermann, C Pliotas, S Valera, JH Naismith, BE Bode
Biophysical journal 113 (9), 1968-1978, 2017
Monitoring Complex Formation by Relaxation‐Induced Pulse Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Distance Measurements
A Giannoulis, M Oranges, BE Bode
ChemPhysChem 18 (17), 2318-2321, 2017
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