Chen Qian
Communicative agents for software development
C Qian, X Cong, W Liu, C Yang, W Chen, Y Su, Y Dang, J Li, J Xu, D Li, ...
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Counterfactual inference for text classification debiasing
C Qian, F Feng, L Wen, C Ma, P Xie
Proceedings of the 59th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational …, 2021
Agentverse: Facilitating multi-agent collaboration and exploring emergent behaviors in agents
W Chen, Y Su, J Zuo, C Yang, C Yuan, C Qian, CM Chan, Y Qin, Y Lu, ...
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An approach for process model extraction by multi-grained text classification
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Conceptualized and contextualized gaussian embedding
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Knowledge-aware named entity recognition with alleviating heterogeneity
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Structural descriptions of process models based on goal-oriented unfolding
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Mespaconfig: Memory-sparing configuration auto-tuning for co-located in-memory cluster computing jobs
Z Zong, L Wen, X Hu, R Han, C Qian, L Lin
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GAHNE: graph-aggregated heterogeneous network embedding
X Li, L Wen, C Qian, J Wang
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Enhancing text classification via discovering additional semantic clues from logograms
C Qian, F Feng, L Wen, L Lin, TS Chua
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Solving Sequential Text Classification as Board-Game Playing
C Qian, F Feng, L Wen, Z Chen, L Lin, Y Zheng, TS Chua
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BePT: a behavior-based process translator for interpreting and understanding process models
C Qian, L Wen, A Kumar
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Process Extraction from Texts via Multi-Task Architecture.
C Qian, L Wen, M Long, Y Li, A Kumar, J Wang
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MM-CPred: A Multi-task Predictive Model for Continuous-Time Event Sequences with Mixture Learning Losses
L Lin, Z Zong, L Wen, C Qian, S Li, J Wang
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TraceWalk: Semantic-based process graph embedding for consistency checking
C Qian, L Wen, A Kumar
arXiv preprint arXiv:1905.06883, 2019
钱忱, 闻立杰
计算机集成制造系统 24 (第 7), 1598, 2018
MetaTra: Meta-Learning for Generalized Trajectory Prediction in Unseen Domain
X Li, F Huang, Z Fan, F Mou, Y Hou, C Qian, L Wen
arXiv preprint arXiv:2402.08221, 2024
Experiential Co-Learning of Software-Developing Agents
C Qian, Y Dang, J Li, W Liu, W Chen, C Yang, Z Liu, M Sun
arXiv preprint arXiv:2312.17025, 2023
Scaleplus: towards fast scaling of distributed streaming dataflows
Z Zong, L Wen, X Liu, L Lin, C Qian, L Lin
2020 IEEE Intl Conf on Parallel & Distributed Processing with Applications …, 2020
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