Ruslán Alvarez-Diduk
Ruslán Alvarez-Diduk
Senior Postdoctoral Researcher, Nanobioelectronics & Biosensors group, ICN2
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Food antioxidants: chemical insights at the molecular level
A Galano, G Mazzone, R Alvarez-Diduk, T Marino, JR Alvarez-Idaboy, ...
Annual review of food science and technology 7, 335-352, 2016
Tutorial: design and fabrication of nanoparticle-based lateral-flow immunoassays
C Parolo, A Sena-Torralba, JF Bergua, E Calucho, C Fuentes-Chust, L Hu, ...
Nature protocols 15 (12), 3788-3816, 2020
Nanomaterials for nanotheranostics: tuning their properties according to disease needs
XY Wong, A Sena-Torralba, R Alvarez-Diduk, K Muthoosamy, A Merkoçi
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Rapid and efficient detection of the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein using an electrochemical aptamer-based sensor
A Idili, C Parolo, R Alvarez-Diduk, A Merkoçi
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Role of the reacting free radicals on the antioxidant mechanism of curcumin
A Galano, R Álvarez-Diduk, MT Ramírez-Silva, G Alarcón-Ángeles, ...
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Deprotonation mechanism and acidity constants in aqueous solution of flavonols: a combined experimental and theoretical study
R Álvarez-Diduk, MT Ramírez-Silva, A Galano, A Merkoçi
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 117 (41), 12347-12359, 2013
Electrochromic molecular imprinting sensor for visual and smartphone-based detections
D Capoferri, R Álvarez-Diduk, M Del Carlo, D Compagnone, A Merkoçi
Analytical chemistry 90 (9), 5850-5856, 2018
Toward next generation lateral flow assays: Integration of nanomaterials
A Sena-Torralba, R Álvarez-Diduk, C Parolo, A Piper, A Merkoçi
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Adrenaline and noradrenaline: protectors against oxidative stress or molecular targets?
R Álvarez-Diduk, A Galano
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Paper strip-embedded graphene quantum dots: a screening device with a smartphone readout
R Álvarez-Diduk, J Orozco, A Merkoçi
Scientific reports 7 (1), 976, 2017
N-Acetylserotonin and 6-Hydroxymelatonin against Oxidative Stress: Implications for the Overall Protection Exerted by Melatonin
R Álvarez-Diduk, A Galano, DX Tan, RJ Reiter
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 119 (27), 8535-8543, 2015
Nano-lantern on paper for smartphone-based ATP detection
MM Calabretta, R Álvarez-Diduk, E Michelini, A Roda, A Merkoçi
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Lab in a Tube: Point-of-Care Detection of Escherichia coli
N Amin, AS Torralba, R Álvarez-Diduk, A Afkhami, A Merkoçi
Analytical chemistry 92 (6), 4209-4216, 2020
Lateral flow assay modified with time-delay wax barriers as a sensitivity and signal enhancement strategy
A Sena-Torralba, DB Ngo, C Parolo, L Hu, R Álvarez-Diduk, JF Bergua, ...
Biosensors and Bioelectronics 168, 112559, 2020
Electrochromism: An emerging and promising approach in (bio) sensing technology
MAF Nejad, S Ranjbar, C Parolo, EP Nguyen, R Álvarez-Diduk, ...
Materials Today 50, 476-498, 2021
Attomolar analyte sensing techniques (AttoSens): a review on a decade of progress on chemical and biosensing nanoplatforms
SP Usha, H Manoharan, R Deshmukh, R Álvarez-Diduk, E Calucho, ...
Chemical Society Reviews 50 (23), 13012-13089, 2021
Low-cost, user-friendly, all-integrated smartphone-based microplate reader for optical-based biological and chemical analyses
JF Bergua, R Alvarez-Diduk, A Idili, C Parolo, M Maymó, L Hu, ...
Analytical chemistry 94 (2), 1271-1285, 2022
Nanodiagnostics to face SARS-CoV-2 and future pandemics: From an idea to the market and beyond
G Rosati, A Idili, C Parolo, C Fuentes-Chust, E Calucho, L Hu, ...
ACS nano 15 (11), 17137-17149, 2021
Screen-printed electroluminescent lamp modified with graphene oxide as a sensing device
A Yakoh, R Álvarez-Diduk, O Chailapakul, A Merkoçi
ACS applied materials & interfaces 10 (24), 20775-20782, 2018
The key role of the sequential proton loss electron transfer mechanism on the free radical scavenging activity of some melatonin-related compounds
R Álvarez-Diduk, A Galano, DX Tan, RJ Reiter
Theoretical Chemistry Accounts 135, 1-5, 2016
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