Toshihiro Kawase
Toshihiro Kawase
Patvirtintas el. paštas
Use of high-frequency visual stimuli above the critical flicker frequency in a SSVEP-based BMI
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Kobito: virtual brownies
T Aoki, H Mitake, R Ayukawa, T Kuriyama, T Kawase, T Matsushita, ...
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Pneumatic Reservoir Computing for Sensing Soft Body: Computational Ability of Air in Tube and Its Application to Posture Estimation of Soft Exoskeleton.
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T Miyazaki, T Tagami, D Morisaki, R Miyazaki, T Kawase, T Kanno, ...
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Model of a coil-reinforced cylindrical soft actuator
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Development of forceps manipulator using pneumatic soft actuator for a bending joint of forceps tip
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Implementation of encrypted control of pneumatic bilateral control system using wave variables
N Shono, T Miyazaki, K Teranishi, T Kanno, T Kawase, K Kogiso, ...
27th International Symposium on Artificial Life and Robotics, 1169-1174, 2022
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