Maha A. Thafar
Maha A. Thafar
Assistant Professor, Collage of computers & information technology, Taif University, KUAST Alumni
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Comparison study of computational prediction tools for drug-target binding affinities
M Thafar, AB Raies, S Albaradei, M Essack, VB Bajic
Frontiers in chemistry 7, 782, 2019
DTiGEMS+: drug–target interaction prediction using graph embedding, graph mining, and similarity-based techniques
MA Thafar, RS Olayan, H Ashoor, S Albaradei, VB Bajic, X Gao, ...
Journal of Cheminformatics 12 (1), 1-17, 2020
Machine Learning and Deep Learning Methods that use Omics Data for Metastasis Prediction
S Albaradei, MA Thafar, A Alsaedi, C Van Neste, T Gojobori, M Essack, ...
Computational and Structural Biotechnology Journal, 2021
Splice2Deep: An ensemble of deep convolutional neural networks for improved splice site prediction in genomic DNA
S Albaradei, A Magana-Mora, MA Thafar, M Uludag, VB Bajic, T Gojobori, ...
Gene: X, 100035, 2020
DTi2Vec: Drug–target interaction prediction using network embedding and ensemble learning
MA Thafar, RS Olayan, S Albaradei, VB Bajic, T Gojobori, M Essack, ...
Journal of cheminformatics 13, 1-18, 2021
Affinity2Vec: drug-target binding affinity prediction through representation learning, graph mining, and machine learning
MA Thafar, M Alshahrani, S Albaradei, T Gojobori, M Essack, X Gao
Scientific reports 12 (1), 4751, 2022
StackACPred: Prediction of anticancer peptides by integrating optimized multiple feature descriptors with stacked ensemble approach
M Arif, S Ahmed, F Ge, M Kabir, YD Khan, DJ Yu, M Thafar
Chemometrics and Intelligent Laboratory Systems 220, 104458, 2022
Application and evaluation of knowledge graph embeddings in biomedical data
M Alshahrani, MA Thafar, M Essack
PeerJ Computer Science 7, e341, 2021
MetaCancer: a deep learning-based pan-cancer metastasis prediction model developed using multi-omics data
S Albaradei, F Napolitano, MA Thafar, T Gojobori, M Essack, X Gao
Computational and Structural Biotechnology Journal 19, 4404-4411, 2021
Combining biomedical knowledge graphs and text to improve predictions for drug-target interactions and drug-indications
M Alshahrani, A Almansour, A Alkhaldi, MA Thafar, M Uludag, M Essack, ...
PeerJ 10, e13061, 2022
Towards Formal Multimodal Analysis of Emotions for Affective Computing.
M Ghayoumi, MA Thafar, AK Bansal
DMS, 48-54, 2016
Predicting Bone Metastasis Using Gene Expression-Based Machine Learning Models
S Albaradei, M Uludag, MA Thafar, T Gojobori, M Essack, X Gao
Frontiers in genetics, 2217, 2021
Automated counting of colony forming units using deep transfer learning from a model for congested scenes analysis
S Albaradei, F Napolitano, M Uludag, MA Thafar, S Napolitano, M Essack, ...
IEEE Access, 2020
Metastatic State of Colorectal Cancer can be Accurately Predicted with Methylome
S Albaradei, MA Thafar, C Van Neste, M Essack, VB Bajic
Proceedings of the 2019 6th International Conference on Bioinformatics …, 2019
A Formal Approach for Multimodal Integration to Derive Emotions
M Ghayoumi, MA Thafar, AK Bansal
Journal of Visual Languages and Sentient Systems, 48-54, 2016
Exploiting machine learning models to identify novel Alzheimer’s disease biomarkers and potential targets
H Alamro, MA Thafar, S Albaradei, T Gojobori, M Essack, X Gao
Scientific reports 13 (1), 4979, 2023
Comparison study of computational prediction tools for drug-target binding affinities. Front Chem. 2019; 7: 782
M Thafar, AB Raies, S Albaradei, M Essack, VB Bajic
Computational Drug-target Interaction Prediction based on Graph Embedding and Graph Mining
MA Thafar, S Albaradei, RS Olayan, H Ashoor, M Essack, VB Bajic
10th International Conference on Bioscience, Biochemistry and Bioinformatics …, 2020
VPatho: a deep learning-based two-stage approach for accurate prediction of gain-of-function and loss-of-function variants
F Ge, C Li, S Iqbal, A Muhammad, F Li, MA Thafar, Z Yan, ...
Briefings in Bioinformatics 24 (1), bbac535, 2023
Identification of the ubiquitin–proteasome pathway domain by hyperparameter optimization based on a 2D convolutional neural network
R Sikander, M Arif, A Ghulam, A Worachartcheewan, MA Thafar, S Habib
Frontiers in Genetics 13, 851688, 2022
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