Brent V. Alloway
Brent V. Alloway
Adjunct Professor, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Santiago
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Towards a climate event stratigraphy for New Zealand over the past 30 000 years (NZ‐INTIMATE project)
BV Alloway, DJ Lowe, DJA Barrell, RM Newnham, PC Almond, ...
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Participatory methods of incorporating scientific with traditional knowledge for volcanic hazard management on Ambae Island, Vanuatu
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10,000 Years of explosive eruptions of Merapi Volcano, Central Java: archaeological and modern implications
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The New Zealand geological timescale
FP Agterberg
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Volcanic-debris-avalanche deposits in New Zealand—lithofacies organization in unconfined, wet-avalanche flows
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Correlation and characterisation of individual glass shards from tephra deposits using trace element laser ablation ICP‐MS analyses: current status and future potential
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Vegetation and climate of Auckland, New Zealand, since ca. 32 000 cal. yr ago: support for an extended LGM
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Journal of Quaternary Science: Published for the Quaternary Research …, 2007
Age and context of the oldest known hominin fossils from Flores
A Brumm, GD van Den Bergh, M Storey, I Kurniawan, BV Alloway, ...
Nature 534 (7606), 249-253, 2016
B Alloway, G Larsen, DJ Lowe, P Shane, JA Westgate
Encyclopedia of quaternary science, 2006
Marine Mollusca of oxygen isotope stages of the last 2 million years in New Zealand. Part 1: Revised generic positions and recognition of warm‐water and cool‐water migrants
AG Beu, BV Alloway, BJ Pillans, TR Naish, JA Westgate
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A 28 000–6600 cal yr record of local and distal volcanism preserved in a paleolake, Auckland, New Zealand
A Sandiford, B Alloway, P Shane
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Revision of the marine chronology in the Wanganui Basin, New Zealand, based on the isothermal plateau fission-track dating of tephra horizons
BV Alloway, BJ Pillans, AS Sandhu, JA Westgate
Sedimentary geology 82 (1-4), 299-310, 1993
Early to middle Pleistocene tephrochronology of North Island, New Zealand: implications for volcanism, tectonism, and paleoenvironments
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Radiocarbon constraints on the extent and evolution of the South Pacific glacial carbon pool
TA Ronge, R Tiedemann, F Lamy, P Köhler, BV Alloway, R De Pol-Holz, ...
Nature communications 7 (1), 11487, 2016
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