Birgit Obermeier
Birgit Obermeier
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Development, maintenance and disruption of the blood-brain barrier
B Obermeier, R Daneman, RM Ransohoff
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Matching of oligoclonal immunoglobulin transcriptomes and proteomes of cerebrospinal fluid in multiple sclerosis
B Obermeier, R Mentele, J Malotka, J Kellermann, T Kümpfel, H Wekerle, ...
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A perfused human blood–brain barrier on-a-chip for high-throughput assessment of barrier function and antibody transport
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The blood-brain barrier
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Distinct oligoclonal band antibodies in multiple sclerosis recognize ubiquitous self-proteins
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Related B cell clones that populate the CSF and CNS of patients with multiple sclerosis produce CSF immunoglobulin
B Obermeier, L Lovato, R Mentele, W Brück, I Forne, A Imhof, F Lottspeich, ...
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Design and validation of a human brain endothelial microvessel-on-a-chip open microfluidic model enabling advanced optical imaging
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Sphingosine 1 phosphate at the blood brain barrier: can the modulation of s1p receptor 1 influence the response of endothelial cells and astrocytes to inflammatory stimuli?
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Target specificity of an autoreactive pathogenic human γδ-T cell receptor in myositis
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An In Vitro Model of the Blood–Brain Barrier to Study Alzheimer’s Disease: The Role of β-Amyloid and Its Influence on PBMC Infiltration
SF Spampinato, Y Takeshita, B Obermeier
The Blood-Brain Barrier: Methods and Protocols, 333-352, 2022
Analysis of patient-specific immunoglobulin proteomes and transcriptomes by PCR cloning and mass spectrometry
B Obermeier, R Mentele, J Malotka, K Dornmair
Molecular characterization of paired immunoglobulin heavy and light chains of clonally expanded antibodies in the presence of a strong polyclonal background
B Obermeier, E Beltrán, R Hohlfeld, K Dornmair
Effects of Neuromyelitis Optica (NMO)-IgG for leukocyte transmigration at the Blood-Brain Barrier (S46. 003)
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Modulation of S1P receptors at the Blood Brain Barrier: do astrocytes play an essential role?
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Novel insights into cell-cell interactions at the blood-brain barrier revealed by a fully-human flow-based in vitro model
B Obermeier, BL Benson, H Lu, G Kidd, S Spampinato, Y Takeshita, ...
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Characterization of individual IgM oligoclonal band antibodies from the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) of multiple sclerosis patients to identify their antigens
E Beltran, B Obermeier, F Coret, M Simo-Castello, FC Perez-Miralles, ...
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