Jiajun Bu
Jiajun Bu
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Opinion word expansion and target extraction through double propagation
G Qiu, B Liu, J Bu, C Chen
Computational linguistics 37 (1), 9-27, 2011
Graph regularized sparse coding for image representation
M Zheng, J Bu, C Chen, C Wang, L Zhang, G Qiu, D Cai
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Expanding domain sentiment lexicon through double propagation
G Qiu, B Liu, J Bu, C Chen
Twenty-first international joint conference on artificial intelligence, 2009
Music recommendation by unified hypergraph: combining social media information and music content
J Bu, S Tan, C Chen, C Wang, H Wu, L Zhang, X He
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An enhanced two-factor user authentication scheme in wireless sensor networks.
D He, Y Gao, S Chan, C Chen, J Bu
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Semi-supervised coupled dictionary learning for person re-identification
X Liu, M Song, D Tao, X Zhou, C Chen, J Bu
Proceedings of the IEEE conference on computer vision and pattern …, 2014
An exploration of improving collaborative recommender systems via user-item subgroups
B Xu, J Bu, C Chen, D Cai
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A strong user authentication scheme with smart cards for wireless communications
D He, M Ma, Y Zhang, C Chen, J Bu
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ANRL: attributed network representation learning via deep neural networks.
Z Zhang, H Yang, J Bu, S Zhou, P Yu, J Zhang, M Ester, C Wang
Ijcai 18, 3155-3161, 2018
Secure and efficient handover authentication based on bilinear pairing functions
D He, C Chen, S Chan, J Bu
IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications 11 (1), 48-53, 2011
ReTrust: Attack-resistant and lightweight trust management for medical sensor networks
D He, C Chen, S Chan, J Bu, AV Vasilakos
IEEE transactions on information technology in biomedicine 16 (4), 623-632, 2012
Interpreting the public sentiment variations on twitter
S Tan, Y Li, H Sun, Z Guan, X Yan, J Bu, C Chen, X He
IEEE transactions on knowledge and data engineering 26 (5), 1158-1170, 2013
Mapping users across networks by manifold alignment on hypergraph
S Tan, Z Guan, D Cai, X Qin, J Bu, C Chen
Proceedings of the AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence 28 (1), 2014
Probabilistic graphlet transfer for photo cropping
L Zhang, M Song, Q Zhao, X Liu, J Bu, C Chen
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Personalized tag recommendation using graph-based ranking on multi-type interrelated objects
Z Guan, J Bu, Q Mei, C Chen, C Wang
Proceedings of the 32nd international ACM SIGIR conference on Research and …, 2009
Mosaic: A low-cost mobile sensing system for urban air quality monitoring
Y Gao, W Dong, K Guo, X Liu, Y Chen, X Liu, J Bu, C Chen
IEEE INFOCOM 2016-The 35th Annual IEEE International Conference on Computer …, 2016
Hierarchical graph pooling with structure learning
Z Zhang, J Bu, M Ester, J Zhang, C Yao, Z Yu, C Wang
arXiv preprint arXiv:1911.05954, 2019
Probabilistic graphlet cut: Exploiting spatial structure cue for weakly supervised image segmentation
L Zhang, M Song, Z Liu, X Liu, J Bu, C Chen
Proceedings of the IEEE conference on computer vision and pattern …, 2013
Probabilistic exposure fusion
M Song, D Tao, C Chen, J Bu, J Luo, C Zhang
IEEE Transactions on Image Processing 21 (1), 341-357, 2011
Audio-visual based emotion recognition-a new approach
M Song, J Bu, C Chen, N Li
Proceedings of the 2004 IEEE Computer Society Conference on Computer Vision …, 2004
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