Saleh Nabi
Saleh Nabi
AI Researcher, Schneider Electric
Patvirtintas el. paštas
Sparse sensing and DMD-based identification of flow regimes and bifurcations in complex flows
B Kramer, P Grover, P Boufounos, S Nabi, M Benosman
SIAM Journal on Applied Dynamical Systems 16 (2), 1164-1196, 2017
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Deep reinforcement learning for partial differential equation control
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Method for Data-Driven Learning-based Control of HVAC Systems using High-Dimensional Sensory Observations
A Farahmand, S Nabi, P Grover, DN Nikovski
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Building and Environment, 2013
The hydraulics of exchange flow between adjacent confined building zones
S Nabi, M Flynn
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Adjoint-based optimization of displacement ventilation flow
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Simultaneous effects of Brownian motion and clustering of nanoparticles on thermal conductivity of nanofluids
S Nabi, E Shirani
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Coupled Simulation of a Room Air-conditioner with CFD Models for Indoor Environment.
H Qiao, X Han, S Nabi, CR Laughman
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Improving LiDAR performance on complex terrain using CFD-based correction and direct-adjoint-loop optimization
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Data-driven control of COVID-19 in buildings: a reinforcement-learning approach
AH Hosseinloo, S Nabi, A Hosoi, MA Dahleh
IEEE Transactions on Automation Science and Engineering, 2023
Physics-informed neural ODE (PINODE): embedding physics into models using collocation points
A Sholokhov, Y Liu, H Mansour, S Nabi
Scientific Reports 13 (1), 10166, 2023
Influence of geometric parameters on the eventual buoyancy stratification that develops due to architectural exchange flow
S Nabi, MR Flynn
Building and Environment, 2014
Performance evaluation of HVAC systems via coupled simulation between modelica and OpenFOAM
H Qiao, S Nabi, CR Laughman
International Conference on Compressor and Refrigeration, TR2019-TR2073, 2019
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