George T. Paloczi
George T. Paloczi
Engineer, Raytheon Vision Systems
Patvirtintas el. paštas
Matrix analysis of microring coupled-resonator optical waveguides
JKS Poon, J Scheuer, S Mookherjea, GT Paloczi, Y Huang, A Yariv
Optics express 12 (1), 90-103, 2004
Fast imaging and fast force spectroscopy of single biopolymers with a new atomic force microscope designed for small cantilevers
MB Viani, TE Schäffer, GT Paloczi, LI Pietrasanta, BL Smith, JB Thompson, ...
Review of Scientific Instruments 70 (11), 4300-4303, 1999
Direct observation of the transition from calcite to aragonite growth as induced by abalone shell proteins
JB Thompson, GT Paloczi, JH Kindt, M Michenfelder, BL Smith, G Stucky, ...
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Coupled resonator optical waveguides: toward the slowing and storage of light
J Scheuer, GT Paloczi, JKS Poon, A Yariv
Optics and photonics news 16 (2), 36-40, 2005
Fabrication and replication of polymer integrated optical devices using electron-beam lithography and soft lithography
Y Huang, GT Paloczi, A Yariv, C Zhang, LR Dalton
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Modification of calcite crystal growth by abalone shell proteins: an atomic force microscope study
DA Walters, BL Smith, AM Belcher, GT Paloczi, GD Stucky, DE Morse, ...
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Replica-molded electro-optic polymer Mach–Zehnder modulator
GT Paloczi, Y Huang, A Yariv, J Luo, AKY Jen
Applied physics letters 85 (10), 1662-1664, 2004
Polymeric Mach-Zehnder interferometer using serially coupled microring resonators
GT Paloczi, Y Huang, A Yariv, S Mookherjea
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Soft lithography replica molding of critically coupled polymer microring resonators
JKS Poon, Y Huang, GT Paloczi, A Yariv
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Rapid imaging of calcite crystal growth using atomic force microscopy with small cantilevers
GT Paloczi, BL Smith, PK Hansma, DA Walters, MA Wendman
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Soft lithography replication of polymeric microring optical resonators
Y Huang, GT Paloczi, J Scheuer, A Yariv
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Compact microring-based wavelength-selective inline optical reflector
GT Paloczi, J Scheuer, A Yariv
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Free-standing all-polymer microring resonator optical filter
GT Paloczi, Y Huang, A Yariv
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Wide-range tuning of polymer microring resonators by the photobleaching of CLD-1 chromophores
JKS Poon, Y Huang, GT Paloczi, A Yariv, C Zhang, LR Dalton
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Atomic force microscopy using small cantilevers
DA Walters, M Viani, GT Paloczi, TE Schaeffer, JP Cleveland, ...
Micromachining and Imaging 3009, 43-47, 1997
Extended wavelength digital alloy NBN detector
JW Scott, G Paloczi
US Patent 8,674,406, 2014
All optically tunable wavelength-selective reflector consisting of coupled polymeric microring resonators
J Scheuer, GT Paloczi, A Yariv
Applied Physics Letters 87 (25), 2005
Recent highlights from atomic force microscopy of DNA
HG Hansma, LI Pietrasanta, R Golan, JC Sitko, MB Viani, GT Paloczi, ...
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Soft lithography molding of polymer integrated optical devices: Reduction of the background residue
GT Paloczi, Y Huang, J Scheuer, A Yariv
Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B: Microelectronics and Nanometer …, 2004
Bottom-up soft-lithographic fabrication of three-dimensional multilayer polymer integrated optical microdevices
Y Huang, GT Paloczi, JKS Poon, A Yariv
Applied physics letters 85 (15), 3005-3007, 2004
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