Gonzalo A. Alvarez
Gonzalo A. Alvarez
Kiti vardaiGonzalo Agustin Alvarez, Gonzalo Agustín Álvarez, Gonzalo A. Álvarez
Centro Atómico Bariloche, Instituto Balseiro, CONICET, CNEA, Argentina
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Colloquium: Protecting quantum information against environmental noise
D Suter, GA Álvarez
Reviews of Modern Physics 88 (4), 041001, 2016
Measuring the Spectrum of Colored Noise by Dynamical Decoupling
GA Álvarez, D Suter
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Robust dynamical decoupling for quantum computing and quantum memory
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Robust dynamical decoupling
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Localization-delocalization transition in the dynamics of dipolar-coupled nuclear spins
GA Álvarez, D Suter, R Kaiser
Science 349 (6250), 846-848, 2015
Performance comparison of dynamical decoupling sequences for a qubit in a rapidly fluctuating spin bath
GA Alvarez, A Ajoy, X Peng, D Suter
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Quantum state transfer and network engineering
GM Nikolopoulos, I Jex
Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2014
Optimal pulse spacing for dynamical decoupling in the presence of a purely dephasing spin bath
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NMR quantum simulation of localization effects induced by decoherence
GA Álvarez, D Suter
Physical review letters 104 (23), 230403, 2010
Local and bulk 13C hyperpolarization in nitrogen-vacancy-centred diamonds at variable fields and orientations
GA Álvarez, CO Bretschneider, R Fischer, P London, H Kanda, S Onoda, ...
Nature Communications 6, 8456, 2015
Environmentally induced quantum dynamical phase transition in the spin swapping operation
GA Álvarez, EP Danieli, PR Levstein, HM Pastawski
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Zeno and Anti-Zeno Polarization Control of Spin Ensembles by Induced Dephasing
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Robustness of dynamical decoupling sequences
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Maximizing information on the environment by dynamically controlled qubit probes
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Measuring small compartment dimensions by probing diffusion dynamics via Non-uniform Oscillating-Gradient Spin-Echo (NOGSE) NMR
N Shemesh, GA Álvarez, L Frydman
Journal of Magnetic Resonance 237, 49-62, 2013
Experimental protection of quantum gates against decoherence and control errors
AM Souza, GA Álvarez, D Suter
Physical Review A 86, 050301(R), 2012
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