Francis J. Alenghat
Francis J. Alenghat
Associate Professor of Medicine, University of Chicago
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Polycystins 1 and 2 mediate mechanosensation in the primary cilium of kidney cells
SM Nauli, FJ Alenghat, Y Luo, E Williams, P Vassilev, X Li, AE Elia, W Lu, ...
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FJ Alenghat, DE Ingber
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Loss of polycystin-1 in human cyst-lining epithelia leads to ciliary dysfunction
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RIPK1 Expression Associates With Inflammation in Early Atherosclerosis in Humans and Can Be Therapeutically Silenced to Reduce NF-κB Activation and …
D Karunakaran, MA Nguyen, M Geoffrion, D Vreeken, Z Lister, HS Cheng, ...
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Membrane protein dynamics and functional implications in mammalian cells
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Mechanical control of cAMP signaling through integrins is mediated by the heterotrimeric Gαs protein
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Management of blood cholesterol
FJ Alenghat, AM Davis
Jama 321 (8), 800-801, 2019
Macrophages require Skap2 and Sirpα for integrin-stimulated cytoskeletal rearrangement
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Monocyte-Targeting Supramolecular Micellar Assemblies: A Molecular Diagnostic Tool for Atherosclerosis.
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The prevalence of atherosclerosis in those with inflammatory connective tissue disease by race, age and traditional risk factors
FJ Alenghat
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Monocyte and macrophage subtypes as paired cell biomarkers for coronary artery disease
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Protein mimetic and anticancer properties of monocyte-targeting peptide amphiphile micelles
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ACS biomaterials science & engineering 3 (12), 3273-3282, 2017
Donor‐derived cell‐free DNA is associated with cardiac allograft vasculopathy
L Holzhauser, KJ Clerkin, T Fujino, FJ Alenghat, J Raikhelkar, G Kim, ...
Clinical transplantation 35 (3), e14206, 2021
High sensitivity Troponin-T for prediction of adverse events in patients with COVID-19
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Rapid exclusion of COVID infection with the artificial intelligence electrocardiogram
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Outcomes and cardiovascular comorbidities in a predominantly African-American population with COVID-19
AB Nguyen, GA Upadhyay, B Chung, B Smith, SA Besser, JA Johnson, ...
medRxiv, 2020.06. 28.20141929, 2020
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