Vytautas Smirnovas
Vytautas Smirnovas
Vilnius University, Life Sciences Center, Institute of Biotechnology
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Structural organization of brain-derived mammalian prions examined by hydrogen-deuterium exchange
V Smirnovas, GS Baron, DK Offerdahl, GJ Raymond, B Caughey, ...
Nature Structural & Molecular Biology 18 (4), 504-506, 2011
Insulin forms amyloid in a strain‐dependent manner: An FT‐IR spectroscopic study
W Dzwolak, V Smirnovas, R Jansen, R Winter
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Ethanol-perturbed amyloidogenic self-assembly of insulin: looking for origins of amyloid strains
W Dzwolak, S Grudzielanek, V Smirnovas, R Ravindra, C Nicolini, ...
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Solvation-assisted pressure tuning of insulin fibrillation: from novel aggregation pathways to biotechnological applications
S Grudzielanek, V Smirnovas, R Winter
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Interplay between hydrogen bonding and macromolecular architecture leading to unusual phase behavior in thermosensitive microgels
M Keerl, V Smirnovas, R Winter, W Richtering
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 47 (2), 338-341, 2008
Distinct structures of scrapie prion protein (PrPSc)-seeded versus spontaneous recombinant prion protein fibrils revealed by hydrogen/deuterium exchange
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Cytotoxicity of insulin within its self-assembly and amyloidogenic pathways
S Grudzielanek, A Velkova, A Shukla, V Smirnovas, M Tatarek-Nossol, ...
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Discovery and characterization of novel selective inhibitors of carbonic anhydrase IX
V Dudutienė, J Matulienė, A Smirnov, DD Timm, A Zubrienė, ...
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Copolymer microgels from mono-and disubstituted acrylamides: phase behavior and hydrogen bonds
M Keerl, V Smirnovas, R Winter, W Richtering
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New insights into the self-assembly of insulin amyloid fibrils: An HD exchange FT-IR study
W Dzwolak, A Loksztejn, V Smirnovas
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Effect of Pressure on Islet Amyloid Polypeptide Aggregation: Revealing the Polymorphic Nature of the Fibrillation Process†
D Radovan, V Smirnovas, R Winter
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pH-Driven Polymorphism of Insulin Amyloid-Like Fibrils.
T Sneideris, D Darguzis, A Botyriute, M Grigaliunas, R Winter, ...
PloS one 10 (8), e0136602, 2015
Conformational Stability of Mammalian Prion Protein Amyloid Fibrils Is Dictated by a Packing Polymorphism within the Core Region
NJ Cobb, MI Apostol, S Chen, V Smirnovas, WK Surewicz
Journal of Biological Chemistry 289 (5), 2643-2650, 2014
A conformational α-helix to β-sheet transition accompanies racemic self-assembly of polylysine: an FT-IR spectroscopic study
W Dzwolak, V Smirnovas
Biophysical chemistry 115 (1), 49-54, 2005
Protein amyloidogenesis in the context of volume fluctuations: a case study on insulin
V Smirnovas, R Winter, T Funck, W Dzwolak
ChemPhysChem 7 (5), 1046-1049, 2006
Effects of lipid confinement on insulin stability and amyloid formation
J Kraineva, V Smirnovas, R Winter
Langmuir 23 (13), 7118-7126, 2007
Revealing different aggregation pathways of amyloidogenic proteins by ultrasound velocimetry
V Smirnovas, R Winter
Biophysical journal 94 (8), 3241-3246, 2008
Thermodynamic properties underlying the α-helix-to-β-sheet transition, aggregation, and amyloidogenesis of polylysine as probed by calorimetry, densimetry, and ultrasound …
V Smirnovas, R Winter, T Funck, W Dzwolak
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Artificial strain of human prions created in vitro
C Kim, X Xiao, S Chen, T Haldiman, V Smirnovas, D Kofskey, M Warren, ...
Nature Communications 9 (1), 2166, 2018
Template-controlled conformational patterns of insulin fibrillar self-assembly reflect history of solvation of the amyloid nuclei
W Dzwolak, R Jansen, V Smirnovas, A Loksztejn, S Porowski, R Winter
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 7 (7), 1349-1351, 2005
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