Rónán Daly
Rónán Daly
Head of Biological Data Science, University of Glasgow Polyomics
Patvirtintas el. paštas
Learning Bayesian networks: Approaches and issues
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Ms2lda. org: web-based topic modelling for substructure discovery in mass spectrometry
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Metabolomics identifies multiple candidate biomarkers to diagnose and stage human African trypanosomiasis
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Changes in plasma itaconate elevation in early rheumatoid arthritis patients elucidates disease activity associated macrophage activation
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A monolithic single-chip point-of-care platform for metabolomic prostate cancer detection
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Using Higher-Order Dynamic Bayesian Networks to Model Periodic Data from the Circadian Clock of Arabidopsis Thaliana
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Quantification of functionalised gold nanoparticle-targeted knockdown of gene expression in HeLa cells
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