Zhijie Deng
Zhijie Deng
Kiti vardai邓 志杰
Assistant Professor, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Patvirtintas el. paštas - Pagrindinis puslapis
Cluster Alignment with a Teacher for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation
Z Deng, Y Luo, J Zhu
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Adversarial distributional training for robust deep learning
Y Dong*, Z Deng*, T Pang, H Su, J Zhu
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Black-box Detection of Backdoor Attacks with Limited Information and Data
Y Dong, X Yang, Z Deng, T Pang, Z Xiao, H Su, J Zhu
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Batch Virtual Adversarial Training for Graph Convolutional Networks
Z Deng, Y Dong, J Zhu
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Exploring memorization in adversarial training
Y Dong, K Xu, X Yang, T Pang, Z Deng, H Su, J Zhu
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Structured generative adversarial networks
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LiBRe: A Practical Bayesian Approach to Adversarial Detection
Z Deng, X Yang, S Xu, H Su, J Zhu
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Cavs: An efficient runtime system for dynamic neural networks
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Autosync: Learning to synchronize for data-parallel distributed deep learning
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Online speculative decoding
X Liu, L Hu, P Bailis, I Stoica, Z Deng, A Cheung, H Zhang
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NeuralEF: Deconstructing Kernels by Deep Neural Networks
Z Deng, J Shi, J Zhu
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Accelerated Linearized Laplace Approximation for Bayesian Deep Learning
Z Deng, F Zhou, J Zhu
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Efficient inference for dynamic flexible interactions of neural populations
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Efficient detection of LLM-generated texts with a Bayesian surrogate model
Y Miao, H Gao, H Zhang, Z Deng
ACL 2024 Findings, 2024
Neural eigenfunctions are structured representation learners
Z Deng, J Shi, H Zhang, P Cui, C Lu, J Zhu
arXiv preprint arXiv:2210.12637, 2022
BayesAdapter: Being Bayesian, Inexpensively and Reliably, via Bayesian Fine-tuning
Z Deng, J Zhu
14th Asian Conference on Machine Learning (ACML 2022), 2022
Evaluating the robustness of text-to-image diffusion models against real-world attacks
H Gao, H Zhang, Y Dong, Z Deng
arXiv preprint arXiv:2306.13103, 2023
Learning Sample Difficulty from Pre-trained Models for Reliable Prediction
P Cui, D Zhang, Z Deng, Y Dong, J Zhu
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Confidence-based Reliable Learning under Dual Noises
P Cui, Y Yue, Z Deng, J Zhu
Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems, 2022
Measuring uncertainty through bayesian learning of deep neural network structure
Z Deng, Y Luo, J Zhu
2nd Workshop on Neural Architecture Search at ICLR 2021, 2021
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