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A comprehensive review of data envelopment analysis (DEA) approach in energy efficiency
A Mardani, EK Zavadskas, D Streimikiene, A Jusoh, M Khoshnoudi
Renewable and sustainable energy reviews 70, 1298-1322, 2017
Carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and economic growth: A systematic review of two decades of research from 1995 to 2017
A Mardani, D Streimikiene, F Cavallaro, N Loganathan, M Khoshnoudi
Science of the total environment 649, 31-49, 2019
Sustainable tourism development and competitiveness: The systematic literature review
D Streimikiene, B Svagzdiene, E Jasinskas, A Simanavicius
Sustainable development 29 (1), 259-271, 2021
Measuring the impact of renewable energy, public health expenditure, logistics, and environmental performance on sustainable economic growth
SAR Khan, Y Zhang, A Kumar, E Zavadskas, D Streimikiene
Sustainable development 28 (4), 833-843, 2020
Corporate social responsibility and financial performance of companies: The puzzle of concepts, definitions and assessment methods
G Barauskaite, D Streimikiene
Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management 28 (1), 278-287, 2021
Prioritizing sustainable electricity production technologies: MCDM approach
D Streimikiene, T Balezentis, I Krisciukaitienė, A Balezentis
Renewable and sustainable energy reviews 16 (5), 3302-3311, 2012
Energy intensity in transition economies: is there convergence towards the EU average?
A Markandya, S Pedroso-Galinato, D Streimikiene
Energy Economics 28 (1), 121-145, 2006
Linking between Renewable Energy, CO2 Emissions, and Economic Growth: Challenges for Candidates and Potential Candidates for the EU Membership
Y Bilan, D Streimikiene, T Vasylieva, O Lyulyov, T Pimonenko, A Pavlyk
Sustainability 11 (6), 1528, 2019
A novel VIKOR approach based on entropy and divergence measures of Pythagorean fuzzy sets to evaluate renewable energy technologies in India
P Rani, AR Mishra, KR Pardasani, A Mardani, H Liao, D Streimikiene
Journal of Cleaner Production 238, 117936, 2019
Sustainable economic development and greenhouse gas emissions: The dynamic impact of renewable energy consumption, GDP, and corruption
T Vasylieva, O Lyulyov, Y Bilan, D Streimikiene
Energies 12 (17), 3289, 2019
Community attachment, tourism impacts, quality of life and residents’ support for sustainable tourism development
S Eslami, Z Khalifah, A Mardani, D Streimikiene, H Han
Journal of Travel & Tourism Marketing 36 (9), 1061-1079, 2019
Assessment of green investments’ impact on sustainable development: Linking gross domestic product per capita, greenhouse gas emissions and renewable energy
S Lyeonov, T Pimonenko, Y Bilan, D Štreimikienė, G Mentel
Energies 12 (20), 3891, 2019
A review of greenhouse gas emission profiles, dynamics, and climate change mitigation efforts across the key climate change players
X Zheng, D Streimikiene, T Balezentis, A Mardani, F Cavallaro, H Liao
Journal of Cleaner Production 234, 1113-1133, 2019
Multi-criteria decision-making (MCDM) for the assessment of renewable energy technologies in a household: A review
I Siksnelyte-Butkiene, EK Zavadskas, D Streimikiene
Energies 13 (5), 1164, 2020
Multi-criteria analysis of electricity generation technologies in Lithuania
D Štreimikienė, J Šliogerienė, Z Turskis
Renewable energy 85, 148-156, 2016
The COVID-19 Pandemic and the antecedants for the impulse buying behavior of US citizens.
RR Ahmed, D Streimikiene, JA Rolle, PA Duc
Journal of competitiveness, 2020
The implementation of lean manufacturing in the furniture industry: A review and analysis on the motives, barriers, challenges, and the applications
F Abu, H Gholami, MZM Saman, N Zakuan, D Streimikiene
Journal of cleaner production 234, 660-680, 2019
An overview of multi-criteria decision-making methods in dealing with sustainable energy development issues
I Siksnelyte, EK Zavadskas, D Streimikiene, D Sharma
Energies 11 (10), 2754, 2018
Fuzzy decision support methodology for sustainable energy crop selection
L Balezentiene, D Streimikiene, T Balezentis
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 17, 83-93, 2013
Intuitionistic fuzzy MULTIMOORA approach for multi-criteria assessment of the energy storage technologies
C Zhang, C Chen, D Streimikiene, T Balezentis
Applied Soft Computing 79, 410-423, 2019
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