Fabio Polticelli
Fabio Polticelli
Department of Sciences, Roma Tre University
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AtCYS1, a cystatin from Arabidopsis thaliana, suppresses hypersensitive cell death
B Belenghi, F Acconcia, M Trovato, M Perazzolli, A Bocedi, F Polticelli, ...
European Journal of Biochemistry 270 (12), 2593-2604, 2003
Heterologous expression and biochemical characterization of a polyamine oxidase from Arabidopsis involved in polyamine back conversion
P Tavladoraki, MN Rossi, G Saccuti, MA Perez-Amador, F Polticelli, ...
Plant Physiology 141 (4), 1519-1532, 2006
Cytochrome c: An extreme multifunctional protein with a key role in cell fate
R Santucci, F Sinibaldi, P Cozza, F Polticelli, L Fiorucci
International journal of biological macromolecules 136, 1237-1246, 2019
Extended cardiolipin anchorage to cytochrome c: a model for protein–mitochondrial membrane binding
F Sinibaldi, BD Howes, MC Piro, F Polticelli, C Bombelli, T Ferri, M Coletta, ...
JBIC Journal of Biological Inorganic Chemistry 15, 689-700, 2010
The Quorum-Sensing Negative Regulator RsaL of Pseudomonas aeruginosa Binds to the lasI Promoter
G Rampioni, I Bertani, E Zennaro, F Polticelli, V Venturi, L Leoni
Journal of bacteriology 188 (2), 815-819, 2006
Heterologous expression and characterization of mouse spermine oxidase
M Cervelli, F Polticelli, R Federico, P Mariottini
Journal of Biological Chemistry 278 (7), 5271-5276, 2003
Mitochondrial type I nitric oxide synthase physically interacts with cytochrome c oxidase
T Persichini, V Mazzone, F Polticelli, S Moreno, G Venturini, E Clementi, ...
Neuroscience letters 384 (3), 254-259, 2005
Human haptoglobin structure and function–a molecular modelling study
F Polticelli, A Bocedi, G Minervini, P Ascenzi
The FEBS journal 275 (22), 5648-5656, 2008
Spermine oxidase: ten years after
M Cervelli, R Amendola, F Polticelli, P Mariottini
Amino acids 42, 441-450, 2012
Ceruloplasmin-ferroportin system of iron traffic in vertebrates
G Musci, F Polticelli, MCB di Patti
World journal of biological chemistry 5 (2), 204, 2014
Evolutionary conservativeness of electric field in the Cu, Zn superoxide dismutase active site: evidence for co-ordinated mutation of charged amino acid residues
A Desideri, M Falconi, F Polticelli, M Bolognesi, K Djinovic, G Rotilio
Journal of molecular biology 223 (1), 337-342, 1992
DockingApp: a user friendly interface for facilitated docking simulations with AutoDock Vina
E Di Muzio, D Toti, F Polticelli
Journal of Computer-Aided Molecular Design 31, 213-218, 2017
Role of Lysines in Cytochrome c–Cardiolipin Interaction
F Sinibaldi, BD Howes, E Droghetti, F Polticelli, MC Piro, D Di Pierro, ...
Biochemistry 52 (26), 4578-4588, 2013
Re-evaluation of amino acid sequence and structural consensus rules for cysteine-nitric oxide reactivity
P Ascenzi, M Colasanti, T Persichini, M Muolo, F Polticelli, G Venturini, ...
Walter de Gruyter 381 (7), 623-627, 2000
Multiple functions of insulin-degrading enzyme: a metabolic crosslight?
GR Tundo, D Sbardella, C Ciaccio, G Grasso, M Gioia, A Coletta, ...
Critical reviews in biochemistry and molecular biology 52 (5), 554-582, 2017
Inhibition of cysteine protease activity by NO-donors
P Ascenzi, L Salvati, M Bolognesi, M Colasanti, F Polticelli, G Venturini
Current protein and peptide science 2 (2), 137-153, 2001
Investigation of de novo Totally Random Biosequences, Part II: On the Folding Frequency in a Totally Random Library of de novo Proteins Obtained by Phage …
C Chiarabelli, JW Vrijbloed, D De Lucrezia, RM Thomas, P Stano, ...
Chemistry & biodiversity 3 (8), 840-859, 2006
Identification of FDA-Approved Drugs as Antivirulence Agents Targeting the pqs Quorum-Sensing System of Pseudomonas aeruginosa
F D'Angelo, V Baldelli, N Halliday, P Pantalone, F Polticelli, E Fiscarelli, ...
Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy 62 (11), e01296-18, 2018
A barley polyamine oxidase isoform with distinct structural features and subcellular localization
M Cervelli, A Cona, R Angelini, F Polticelli, R Federico, P Mariottini
European Journal of Biochemistry 268 (13), 3816-3830, 2001
Peculiar spectroscopic and kinetic properties of Cys-47 in human placental glutathione transferase. Evidence for an atypical thiolate ion pair near the active site.
ML Bello, MW Parker, A Desideri, F Polticelli, M Falconi, G Del Boccio, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 268 (25), 19033-19038, 1993
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