Jan Pieter van der Berg
Jan Pieter van der Berg
Wageningen Food Safety Research, Wageningen University and Research
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Optical control of antibacterial activity
WA Velema, JP Van Der Berg, MJ Hansen, W Szymanski, AJM Driessen, ...
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Orthogonal control of antibacterial activity with light
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Subunit a of the F1F0 ATP synthase requires YidC and SecYEG for membrane insertion
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Controlling the activity of quorum sensing autoinducers with light
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In vitro synthesis and oligomerization of the mechanosensitive channel of large conductance, MscL, into a functional ion channel
CE Price, A Kocer, S Kol, JP van der Berg, AJM Driessen
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Binding of the lactococcal drug dependent transcriptional regulator LmrR to its ligands and responsive promoter regions
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Occurrence and nature of off-target modifications by CRISPR-Cas genome editing in plants
MHJ Sturme, JP van der Berg, LMS Bouwman, A De Schrijver, ...
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Alternative proteins for meat and dairy replacers: Food safety and future trends
JL Banach, JP van der Berg, G Kleter, H van Bokhorst-van de Veen, ...
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Bacterial patterning controlled by light exposure
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Developments in genetic modification of cattle and implications for regulation, safety and traceability
JP Van Der Berg, GA Kleter, E Battaglia, M Groenen, EJ Kok
Frontiers of Agricultural Science and Engineering, 2020
Regulation and safety considerations of somatic cell nuclear transfer-cloned farm animals and their offspring used for food production
JP van der Berg, GA Kleter, EJ Kok
Theriogenology 135, 85-93, 2019
Application of the safe-by-design concept in crop breeding innovation
JP van der Berg, GA Kleter, E Battaglia, LMS Bouwman, EJ Kok
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 17 (17), 6420, 2020
Future-proofing EU legislation for genome-edited plants: Dutch stakeholders’ views on possible ways forward
JP van der Berg, LMS Bouwman, E Battaglia, GA Kleter
Agronomy 11 (7), 1331, 2021
Comparative safety assessment of genetically modified crops: focus on equivalence with reference varieties could contribute to more efficient and effective field trials
GA Kleter, H van der Voet, J Engel, JP van der Berg
Transgenic Research, 1-16, 2023
Antibiotics & Resistance
JP Berg
University of Groningen, 2014
Antibiotics & Resistance: bacterial multidrug resistance and photoactivatable antibiotics
JP van der Berg
University of Groningen, 2014
Bacterial multidrug resistance and antibiotics development
JP van der Berg, AJM Driessen
Antibiotics & Resistance, 9, 2014
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