Dörthe Arndt
Dörthe Arndt
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The MASSIF platform: a modular and semantic platform for the development of flexible IoT services
P Bonte, F Ongenae, F De Backere, J Schaballie, D Arndt, S Verstichel, ...
Knowledge and Information Systems 51, 89-126, 2017
The pragmatic proof: Hypermedia API composition and execution
R Verborgh, D Arndt, S Van Hoecke, J De Roo, G Mels, T Steiner, ...
Theory and Practice of Logic Programming 17 (1), 1-48, 2017
Using rule-based reasoning for RDF validation
D Arndt, BD Meester, A Dimou, R Verborgh, E Mannens
Rules and Reasoning: International Joint Conference, RuleML+ RR 2017, London …, 2017
RDF graph validation using rule-based reasoning
B De Meester, P Heyvaert, D Arndt, A Dimou, R Verborgh
Semantic Web 12 (1), 117-142, 2021
A distance-based approach for semantic dissimilarity in knowledge graphs
T De Nies, C Beecks, F Godin, W De Neve, G Stepien, D Arndt, ...
2016 IEEE Tenth International Conference on Semantic Computing (ICSC), 254-257, 2016
Ontology reasoning using rules in an eHealth context
D Arndt, B De Meester, P Bonte, J Schaballie, J Bhatti, W Dereuddre, ...
Rule Technologies: Foundations, Tools, and Applications: 9th International …, 2015
Semantics of Notation3 logic: A solution for implicit quantification
D Arndt, R Verborgh, J De Roo, H Sun, E Mannens, R Van de Walle
Rule Technologies: Foundations, Tools, and Applications: 9th International …, 2015
Improving OWL RL reasoning in N3 by using specialized rules
D Arndt, B De Meester, P Bonte, J Schaballie, J Bhatti, W Dereuddre, ...
Ontology Engineering: 12th International Experiences and Directions Workshop …, 2016
Implicit quantification made explicit: How to interpret blank nodes and universal variables in Notation3 Logic
D Arndt, T Schrijvers, J De Roo, R Verborgh
Journal of Web Semantics 58, 100501, 2019
Evaluation and optimized usage of OWL 2 reasoners in an event-based eHealth context
P Bonte, F Ongenae, J Schaballie, B De Meester, D Arndt, W Dereuddre, ...
4e OWL reasoner evaluation (ORE) workshop, 1-7, 2015
Event-Driven Rule-Based Reasoning using EYE.
B De Meester, D Arndt, P Bonte, J Bhatti, W Dereuddre, R Verborgh, ...
SSN-TC/OrdRing@ ISWC, 75-86, 2015
RDF-star and SPARQL-star
D Arndt, J Broekstra, B DuCharme, O Lassila, PF Patel-Schneider, ...
W3C, W3C Community, Dec, 2021
RDF-star and SPARQL-star. W3C Draft Community Group Report
O Hartig, PA Champin, G Kellogg, A Seaborne, D Arndt, J Broekstra, ...
Towards supporting multiple semantics of named graphs using N3 rules
D Arndt, W Van Woensel
13th RuleML+ RR 2019 Doctoral Consortium and Rule Challenge 2438, 2019
SENSdesc: Connect sensor queries and context
D Arndt, P Bonte, A Dejonghe, R Verborgh, F De Turck, F Ongenae
11th International Joint Conference on Biomedical Engineering Systems and …, 2018
Predicting future state for adaptive clinical pathway management
H Sun, D Arndt, J De Roo, E Mannens
Journal of biomedical informatics 117, 103750, 2021
Distributed continuous home care provisioning through personalized monitoring & treatment planning
M De Brouwer, P Bonte, D Arndt, M Vander Sande, P Heyvaert, A Dimou, ...
Companion Proceedings of the Web Conference 2020, 143-147, 2020
DIVIDE: adaptive context-aware query derivation for IoT data streams
M De Brouwer, D Arndt, P Bonte, F De Turck, F Ongenae
ISWC2019, 18th International Semantic Web Conference 2549, 1-16, 2019
Using rules to generate and execute workflows in smart factories
D Arndt, J Van Herwegen, R Verborgh, E Mannens, R Van de Walle
Proceedings of the RuleML 2016 Challenge, Doctoral Consortium and Industry …, 2016
Context-aware route planning: a personalized and situation-aware multi-modal transport routing approach
P Bonte, M De Brouwer, D Arndt, M Vander Sande, P Heyvaert, A Dimou, ...
19th International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC 2020) 2721, 54-59, 2020
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