Marta Erminia Alberto
Marta Erminia Alberto
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A physicochemical examination of the free radical scavenging activity of Trolox: mechanism, kinetics and influence of the environment
ME Alberto, N Russo, A Grand, A Galano
Physical chemistry chemical physics 15 (13), 4642-4650, 2013
The second-generation anticancer drug Nedaplatin: a theoretical investigation on the hydrolysis mechanism
ME Alberto, MFA Lucas, M Pavelka, N Russo
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 113 (43), 14473-14479, 2009
Neutral and acidic hydrolysis reactions of the third generation anticancer drug oxaliplatin
MFA Lucas, M Pavelka, ME Alberto, N Russo
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 113 (3), 831-838, 2009
The heavy atom effect on Zn (II) phthalocyanine derivatives: a theoretical exploration of the photophysical properties
ME Alberto, BC De Simone, G Mazzone, E Sicilia, N Russo
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 17 (36), 23595-23601, 2015
Breaking the barrier: an osmium photosensitizer with unprecedented hypoxic phototoxicity for real world photodynamic therapy
JA Roque, PC Barrett, HD Cole, LM Lifshits, G Shi, S Monro, ...
Chemical science 11 (36), 9784-9806, 2020
Which one among the Pt-containing anticancer drugs more easily forms monoadducts with G and A DNA bases? A comparative study among oxaliplatin, nedaplatin, and carboplatin
ME Alberto, V Butera, N Russo
Inorganic Chemistry 50 (15), 6965-6971, 2011
Theoretical determination of electronic spectra and intersystem spin–orbit coupling: the case of isoindole-BODIPY dyes
ME Alberto, BC De Simone, G Mazzone, AD Quartarolo, N Russo
Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation 10 (9), 4006-4013, 2014
Theoretical exploration of type I/type II dual photoreactivity of promising Ru (II) dyads for PDT approach
ME Alberto, J Pirillo, N Russo, C Adamo
Inorganic Chemistry 55 (21), 11185-11192, 2016
The degradation pathways in chloride medium of the third generation anticancer drug oxaliplatin
ME Alberto, MF Lucas, M Pavelka, N Russo
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 112 (35), 10765-10768, 2008
Photophysical origin of the reduced photodynamic therapy activity of temocene compared to Foscan®: Insights from theory
ME Alberto, T Marino, AD Quartarolo, N Russo
Physical chemistry chemical physics 15 (38), 16167-16171, 2013
The catalytic mechanism of protein phosphatase 5 established by DFT calculations
AJM Ribeiro, ME Alberto, MJ Ramos, PA Fernandes, N Russo
Chemistry–A European Journal 19 (42), 14081-14089, 2013
EH3 (E=N, P, As) and H2 Activation with N‐Heterocyclic Silylene and Germylene Homologues
ME Alberto, N Russo, E Sicilia
Chemistry–A European Journal 19 (24), 7835-7846, 2013
Can human prolidase enzyme use different metals for full catalytic activity?
ME Alberto, M Leopoldini, N Russo
Inorganic chemistry 50 (8), 3394-3403, 2011
Photophysical properties of free and metallated meso-substituted tetrabenzotriazaporphyrin from density functional theory investigation
ME Alberto, BC De Simone, G Mazzone, T Marino, N Russo
Dyes and Pigments 120, 335-339, 2015
Can expanded bacteriochlorins act as photosensitizers in photodynamic therapy? Good news from density functional theory computations
G Mazzone, ME Alberto, BC De Simone, T Marino, N Russo
Molecules 21 (3), 288, 2016
The mutual influence of non-covalent interactions in π-electron deficient cavities: the case of anion recognition by tetraoxacalix [2] arene [2] triazine
ME Alberto, G Mazzone, N Russo, E Sicilia
Chemical communications 46 (32), 5894-5896, 2010
Experimental and theoretical characterization of a new synthesized extended viologen
ME Alberto, BC De Simone, S Cospito, D Imbardelli, L Veltri, ...
Chemical Physics Letters 552, 141-145, 2012
The performance of density functional based methods in the description of selected biological systems and processes
ME Alberto, T Marino, N Russo, E Sicilia, M Toscano
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 14 (43), 14943-14953, 2012
Rhenium (IV) compounds inducing apoptosis in cancer cells
J Martínez-Lillo, TF Mastropietro, R Lappano, A Madeo, ME Alberto, ...
Chemical communications 47 (18), 5283-5285, 2011
Os (II) oligothienyl complexes as a hypoxia-active photosensitizer class for photodynamic therapy
JA Roque III, PC Barrett, HD Cole, LM Lifshits, E Bradner, G Shi, ...
Inorganic chemistry 59 (22), 16341-16360, 2020
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