Ammar Hawbani
Ammar Hawbani
University of Science and Technology of China School of Computer Science and Technology
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Zigzag Coverage Scheme Algorithm & Analysis for Wireless Sensor Networks
H Ammar, W Xingfu
Network Protocols And Algorithms 5 (4), 19-38, 2013
Green internet of things using UAVs in B5G networks: A review of applications and strategies
SH Alsamhi, F Afghah, R Sahal, A Hawbani, MAA Al-qaness, B Lee, ...
Ad Hoc Networks 117, 102505, 2021
Green IoT for eco-friendly and sustainable smart cities: future directions and opportunities
FA Almalki, SH Alsamhi, R Sahal, J Hassan, A Hawbani, NS Rajput, ...
Mobile Networks and Applications 28 (1), 178-202, 2023
ELITE: An intelligent digital twin-based hierarchical routing scheme for softwarized vehicular networks
L Zhao, Z Bi, A Hawbani, K Yu, Y Zhang, M Guizani
IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing, 2022
Novel online sequential learning-based adaptive routing for edge software-defined vehicular networks
L Zhao, W Zhao, A Hawbani, AY Al-Dubai, G Min, AY Zomaya, C Gong
IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications 20 (5), 2991-3004, 2020
UAV computing-assisted search and rescue mission framework for disaster and harsh environment mitigation
SH Alsamhi, AV Shvetsov, S Kumar, SV Shvetsova, MA Alhartomi, ...
Drones 6 (7), 154, 2022
A Novel Generation Adversarial Network-based Vehicle Trajectory Prediction Method for Intelligent Vehicular Networks
L. Zhao, Y. Liu, A. Al-Dubai, A. Y. Zomaya, G. Min and A. Hawbani
IEEE Internet of Things Journal, 2020
Drones’ edge intelligence over smart environments in B5G: Blockchain and federated learning synergy
SH Alsamhi, FA Almalki, F Afghah, A Hawbani, AV Shvetsov, B Lee, ...
IEEE Transactions on Green Communications and Networking 6 (1), 295-312, 2021
Energy optimized congestion control-based temperature aware routing algorithm for software defined wireless body area networks
O Ahmed, F Ren, A Hawbani, Y Al-Sharabi
IEEE Access 8, 41085-41099, 2020
LORA: Load-Balanced Opportunistic Routing for Asynchronous Duty-cycled WSN
A Hawbani, X Wang, Y Sharabi, A Ghannami, H Kuhlani, S Karmoshi
IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing 18 (7), 1601 - 1615, 2018
Computing in the sky: A survey on intelligent ubiquitous computing for uav-assisted 6g networks and industry 4.0/5.0
SH Alsamhi, AV Shvetsov, S Kumar, J Hassan, MA Alhartomi, ...
Drones 6 (7), 177, 2022
An improved YOLO-based road traffic monitoring system
MAA Al-qaness, AA Abbasi, H Fan, RA Ibrahim, SH Alsamhi, A Hawbani
Computing, 1-20, 2021
Channel State Information From Pure Communication To Sense And Track Human Motion: A Survey
MAA Al-qaness, MA Elaziz, S Kim, AA Ewees, AA Abbasi, YA Al-haj, ...
Sensors, 2019
A new scheme for covert communication via 3G encoded speech
H Miao, L Huang, Z Chen, W Yang, A Al-Hawbani
Computers & Electrical Engineering 38 (6), 1490-1501, 2012
Routing Schemes in Software-defined Vehicular Networks: Design, Open Issues and Challenges
JL Liang Zhao, Ahmed Al -Dubai , Albert Y. Zomaya, Geyong Min , Ammar Hawbani
IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Magazine, 2019
Multi-drone edge intelligence and SAR smart wearable devices for emergency communication
SH Alsamhi, FA Almalki, H Al-Dois, AV Shvetsov, MS Ansari, A Hawbani, ...
Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing 2021, 1-12, 2021
Fuzzy based Distributed Protocol for Vehicle to Vehicle Communication
A Hawbani, E Torbosh, W Xingfu, P Sincak, L Zhao, AY Al-Dubai
IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems, 2019
Sink-oriented tree based data dissemination protocol for mobile sinks wireless sensor networks
A Hawbani, X Wang, H Kuhlani, S Karmoshi, R Ghoul, Y Sharabi, ...
Wireless Networks 24, 2723-2734, 2018
An intelligent fuzzy-based routing scheme for software-defined vehicular networks
L Zhao, Z Bi, M Lin, A Hawbani, J Shi, Y Guan
Computer Networks 187, 107837, 2021
Multi‐UAV and SAR collaboration model for disaster management in B5G networks
A Saif, K Dimyati, KA Noordin, SH Alsamhi, A Hawbani
Internet Technology Letters, e310, 2021
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