Guohao Dai, Ph.D, FAHA, AIMBE
Guohao Dai, Ph.D, FAHA, AIMBE
Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Northeastern University
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Distinct endothelial phenotypes evoked by arterial waveforms derived from atherosclerosis-susceptible and-resistant regions of human vasculature
G Dai, MR Kaazempur-Mofrad, S Natarajan, Y Zhang, S Vaughn, ...
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Bio-printing of collagen and VEGF-releasing fibrin gel scaffolds for neural stem cell culture
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Mechanotransduction through growth-factor shedding into the extracellular space
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Improved properties of bone and cartilage tissue from 3D inkjet-bioprinted human mesenchymal stem cells by simultaneous deposition and photocrosslinking in PEG-GelMA
G Gao, AF Schilling, K Hubbell, T Yonezawa, D Truong, Y Hong, G Dai, ...
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Inkjet‐bioprinted acrylated peptides and PEG hydrogel with human mesenchymal stem cells promote robust bone and cartilage formation with minimal printhead clogging
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Biomechanical forces in atherosclerosis-resistant vascular regions regulate endothelial redox balance via phosphoinositol 3-kinase/Akt-dependent activation of Nrf2
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The integration of 3-D cell printing and mesoscopic fluorescence molecular tomography of vascular constructs within thick hydrogel scaffolds
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HIF-1α is required for disturbed flow-induced metabolic reprogramming in human and porcine vascular endothelium
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Recent advances in high-strength and elastic hydrogels for 3D printing in biomedical applications
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Printing of three-dimensional tissue analogs for regenerative medicine
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Mechanosensitive PPAP2B regulates endothelial responses to atherorelevant hemodynamic forces
C Wu, RT Huang, CH Kuo, S Kumar, CW Kim, YC Lin, YJ Chen, ...
Circulation research 117 (4), e41-e53, 2015
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