Nina Kølln Wittig
Nina Kølln Wittig
Patvirtintas el. paštas
Mapping the 3D orientation of nanocrystals and nanostructures in human bone: Indications of novel structural features
TA Grünewald, M Liebi, NK Wittig, A Johannes, T Sikjaer, L Rejnmark, ...
Science advances 6 (24), eaba4171, 2020
Immobilization and long-term recovery results in large changes in bone structure and strength but no corresponding alterations of osteocyte lacunar properties
FL Bach-Gansmo, NK Wittig, A Brüel, JS Thomsen, H Birkedal
Bone 91, 139-147, 2016
Canalicular junctions in the osteocyte lacuno-canalicular network of cortical bone
NK Wittig, M Laugesen, ME Birkbak, FL Bach-Gansmo, A Pacureanu, ...
ACS nano 13 (6), 6421-6430, 2019
Bone biomineral properties vary across human osteonal bone
NK Wittig, J Palle, M Østergaard, S Frølich, ME Birkbak, KM Spiers, ...
ACS nano 13 (11), 12949-12956, 2019
Catalytic disconnection of C–O bonds in epoxy resins and composites
A Ahrens, A Bonde, H Sun, NK Wittig, HCD Hammershøj, GMF Batista, ...
Nature, 1-8, 2023
Genetic Ablation of Osteopontin in Osteomalacic Hyp Mice Partially Rescues the Deficient Mineralization Without Correcting Hypophosphatemia
B Hoac, M Østergaard, NK Wittig, T Boukpessi, DJ Buss, C Chaussain, ...
Journal of Bone and Mineral Research 35 (10), 2032-2048, 2020
X-ray linear dichroism in apatite
CA Stifler, NK Wittig, M Sassi, CY Sun, MA Marcus, H Birkedal, E Beniash, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 140 (37), 11698-11704, 2018
Nanobeam X-ray fluorescence and diffraction computed tomography on human bone with a resolution better than 120 nm
J Palle, NK Wittig, A Kubec, S Niese, M Rosenthal, M Burghammer, ...
Journal of Structural Biology 212 (3), 107631, 2020
Organ and tissue level properties are more sensitive to age than osteocyte lacunar characteristics in rat cortical bone
NK Wittig, FL Bach-Gansmo, ME Birkbak, M Laugesen, A Brüel, ...
Bone reports 4, 28-34, 2016
No signature of osteocytic osteolysis in cortical bone from lactating NMRI mice
NK Wittig, ME Birkbak, FL Bach-Gansmo, A Pacureanu, MH Wendelboe, ...
Calcified Tissue International 105, 308-315, 2019
Opportunities for biomineralization research using multiscale computed X-ray tomography as exemplified by bone imaging
NK Wittig, M Østergaard, J Palle, TEK Christensen, BL Langdahl, ...
Journal of Structural Biology 214 (1), 107822, 2022
Bone mineral properties and 3D orientation of human lamellar bone around cement lines and the Haversian system
TA Grünewald, A Johannes, NK Wittig, J Palle, A Rack, M Burghammer, ...
IUCrJ 10 (2), 2023
Vase-like β-polymorph guanine crystal aggregates formed at the air–water interface
NK Wittig, TEK Christensen, TA Grünewald, H Birkedal
ACS Materials Letters 2 (5), 446-452, 2020
Precipitation of inorganic phases through a photoinduced pH jump: from vaterite spheroids and shells to ZnO flakes and hexagonal plates
TP Huynh, C Pedersen, NK Wittig, H Birkedal
Crystal Growth & Design 18 (4), 1951-1955, 2018
Bone hierarchical structure: spatial variation across length scales
NK Wittig, H Birkedal
Acta Crystallographica Section B: Structural Science, Crystal Engineering …, 2022
The osteocyte lacuno-canalicular network in bone investigated by synchrotron radiation-based techniques
J Palle, NK Wittig, M Østergaard, AB Jensen, H Birkedal
Developments in X-Ray Tomography XII 11113, 237-244, 2019
Flexible design in the stomatopod dactyl club
TEK Christensen, JQI Chua, NK Wittig, MRV Jørgensen, I Kantor, ...
IUCrJ 10 (3), 2023
Yogurt benefits bone mineralization in ovariectomized rats with concomitant modulation of the gut microbiome
W He, Z Xie, NK Wittig, LF Zachariassen, A Andersen, HJ Andersen, ...
Molecular Nutrition & Food Research 66 (20), 2200174, 2022
Additive manufacturing of porous biominerals
R Zhao, NK Wittig, G De Angelis, T Yuan, M Hirsch, H Birkedal, E Amstad
Advanced Functional Materials 33 (37), 2300950, 2023
Catalytic Disconnection of C–O Bonds in Epoxy Resins and Composites
T Skrydstrup, A Ahrens, A Bonde, H Sun, N Wittig, A Sommerfelt, S Frølich, ...
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