Agnieszka Lipska
Agnieszka Lipska
Wydział Chemii, Uniwersytet Gdański
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Blind prediction of homo‐and hetero‐protein complexes: The CASP13‐CAPRI experiment
MF Lensink, G Brysbaert, N Nadzirin, S Velankar, RAG Chaleil, T Gerguri, ...
Proteins: Structure, Function, and Bioinformatics 87 (12), 1200-1221, 2019
Prediction of protein assemblies, the next frontier: The CASP14‐CAPRI experiment
MF Lensink, G Brysbaert, T Mauri, N Nadzirin, S Velankar, RAG Chaleil, ...
Proteins: Structure, Function, and Bioinformatics 89 (12), 1800-1823, 2021
Performance of protein-structure predictions with the physics-based UNRES force field in CASP11
P Krupa, MA Mozolewska, M Wiśniewska, Y Yin, Y He, AK Sieradzan, ...
Bioinformatics 32 (21), 3270-3278, 2016
A general method for the derivation of the functional forms of the effective energy terms in coarse-grained energy functions of polymers. III. Determination of scale-consistent …
A Liwo, AK Sieradzan, AG Lipska, C Czaplewski, IS Joung, ...
The Journal of Chemical Physics 150 (15), 2019
Theory and practice of coarse-grained molecular dynamics of biologically important systems
A Liwo, C Czaplewski, AK Sieradzan, AG Lipska, SA Samsonov, ...
Biomolecules 11 (9), 1347, 2021
An analysis and evaluation of the WeFold collaborative for protein structure prediction and its pipelines in CASP11 and CASP12
C Keasar, LJ McGuffin, B Wallner, G Chopra, B Adhikari, D Bhattacharya, ...
Scientific reports 8 (1), 9939, 2018
Evaluation of the scale-consistent UNRES force field in template-free prediction of protein structures in the CASP13 experiment
EA Lubecka, AS Karczyńska, AG Lipska, AK Sieradzan, K Ziȩba, ...
Journal of Molecular Graphics and Modelling 92, 154-166, 2019
Scale-consistent approach to the derivation of coarse-grained force fields for simulating structure, dynamics, and thermodynamics of biopolymers
A Liwo, C Czaplewski, AK Sieradzan, EA Lubecka, AG Lipska, Ł Golon, ...
Progress in Molecular Biology and Translational Science 170, 73-122, 2020
Modeling protein structures with the coarse-grained UNRES force field in the CASP14 experiment
A Antoniak, I Biskupek, KK Bojarski, C Czaplewski, A Giełdoń, M Kogut, ...
Journal of Molecular Graphics and Modelling 108, 108008, 2021
Modeling the structure, dynamics, and transformations of proteins with the UNRES force field
AK Sieradzan, C Czaplewski, P Krupa, MA Mozolewska, AS Karczyńska, ...
Protein folding: Methods and protocols, 399-416, 2022
Improved consensus-fragment selection in template-assisted prediction of protein structures with the UNRES force field in CASP13
AS Karczyńska, K Ziȩba, U Uciechowska, MA Mozolewska, P Krupa, ...
Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling 60 (3), 1844-1864, 2020
Analysis of procollagen C-proteinase enhancer-1/glycosaminoglycan binding sites and of the potential role of calcium ions in the interaction
J Potthoff, KK Bojarski, G Kohut, AG Lipska, A Liwo, E Kessler, ...
International Journal of Molecular Sciences 20 (20), 5021, 2019
Molecular dynamics of protein A and a WW domain with a united-residue model including hydrodynamic interaction
AG Lipska, SR Seidman, AK Sieradzan, A Giełdoń, A Liwo, HA Scheraga
The Journal of Chemical Physics 144 (18), 2016
Evolutionary diversification and characterization of the eubacterial gene family encoding DXR type II, an alternative isoprenoid biosynthetic enzyme
L Carretero-Paulet, A Lipska, J Pérez-Gil, FJ Sangari, VA Albert, ...
BMC evolutionary biology 13, 1-18, 2013
Optimization of parallel implementation of UNRES package for coarse‐grained simulations to treat large proteins
AK Sieradzan, J Sans‐Duñó, EA Lubecka, C Czaplewski, AG Lipska, ...
Journal of computational chemistry 44 (4), 602-625, 2023
Studies of conformational changes of an arginine-binding protein from Thermotoga maritima in the presence and absence of ligand via molecular dynamics …
AG Lipska, AK Sieradzan, P Krupa, MA Mozolewska, S D’Auria, A Liwo
Journal of molecular modeling 21 (3), 64, 2015
Further analyses of APRIL/APRIL-receptor/glycosaminoglycan interactions by biochemical assays linked to computational studies
M Marcisz, B Huard, AG Lipska, SA Samsonov
Glycobiology 31 (7), 772-786, 2021
Shielding effect in protein folding
AK Sieradzan, AG Lipska, EA Lubecka
Journal of Molecular Graphics and Modelling 79, 118-132, 2018
Chauvot de Beauchene I
MF Lensink, G Brysbaert, N Nadzirin, S Velankar, RAG Chaleil, T Gerguri, ...
Maigret, B, 1200-1221, 2019
Extension of the Unres package for physics-based coarse-grained simulations of proteins and protein complexes to very large systems
AK Sieradzan, CR Czaplewski, EA Lubecka, AG Lipska, AS Karczynska, ...
Biophysical Journal 120 (3), 83a-84a, 2021
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