Alan Hanjalic
Alan Hanjalic
Professor of Computer Science, IEEE Fellow, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands
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Collaborative filtering beyond the user-item matrix: A survey of the state of the art and future challenges
Y Shi, M Larson, A Hanjalic
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Encyclopedia of database systems
L Liu, MT Özsu, Editors, 871 authors, 5 chapters by, L Lu, A Hanjalic
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Affective video content representation and modeling
A Hanjalic, LQ Xu
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Adversarial cross-modal retrieval
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Shot-boundary detection: unraveled and resolved?
A Hanjalic
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An integrated scheme for automated video abstraction based on unsupervised cluster-validity analysis
A Hanjalic, HJ Zhang
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Climf: learning to maximize reciprocal rank with collaborative less-is-more filtering
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Automated high-level movie segmentation for advanced video-retrieval systems
A Hanjalic, RL Lagendijk, J Biemond
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Extracting moods from pictures and sounds: Towards truly personalized TV
A Hanjalic
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Make some noise. unleashing the power of convolutional neural networks for profiled side-channel analysis
J Kim, S Picek, A Heuser, S Bhasin, A Hanjalic
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From deterministic to generative: Multimodal stochastic RNNs for video captioning
J Song, Y Guo, L Gao, X Li, A Hanjalic, HT Shen
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Video captioning by adversarial LSTM
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A flexible framework for key audio effects detection and auditory context inference
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Cross-domain collaborative filtering with factorization machines
B Loni, Y Shi, M Larson, A Hanjalic
Advances in Information Retrieval: 36th European Conference on IR Research …, 2014
Adaptive Extraction of Highlights From a Sport Video Based on Excitement Modeling
A Hanjalic
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Bayesian personalized ranking with multi-channel user feedback
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Pairwise geometric matching for large-scale object retrieval
X Li, M Larson, A Hanjalic
Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern …, 2015
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