Joshua S. Mylne
Joshua S. Mylne
Adjunct Professor, Curtin University
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Vernalization requires epigenetic silencing of FLC by histone methylation
R Bastow, JS Mylne, C Lister, Z Lippman, RA Martienssen, C Dean
Nature 427 (6970), 164-167, 2004
Multiple pathways in the decision to flower: enabling, promoting, and resetting
PK Boss, RM Bastow, JS Mylne, C Dean
The Plant Cell 16 (suppl_1), S18-S31, 2004
Multiple roles of Arabidopsis VRN1 in vernalization and flowering time control
YY Levy, S Mesnage, JS Mylne, AR Gendall, C Dean
Science 297 (5579), 243-246, 2002
LHP1, the Arabidopsis homologue of HETEROCHROMATIN PROTEIN1, is required for epigenetic silencing of FLC
JS Mylne, L Barrett, F Tessadori, S Mesnage, L Johnson, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 103 (13), 5012-5017, 2006
The PHD finger protein VRN5 functions in the epigenetic silencing of Arabidopsis FLC
T Greb, JS Mylne, P Crevillen, N Geraldo, H An, AR Gendall, C Dean
Current biology 17 (1), 73-78, 2007
ARABIDOPSIS TRITHORAX1 Dynamically Regulates FLOWERING LOCUS C Activation via Histone 3 Lysine 4 Trimethylation
S Pien, D Fleury, JS Mylne, P Crevillen, D Inze, Z Avramova, C Dean, ...
The plant cell 20 (3), 580-588, 2008
Albumins and their processing machinery are hijacked for cyclic peptides in sunflower
JS Mylne, ML Colgrave, NL Daly, AH Chanson, AG Elliott, EJ McCallum, ...
Nature Chemical Biology 7 (5), 257-259, 2011
The alpine violet, Viola biflora, is a rich source of cyclotides with potent cytotoxicity
A Herrmann, R Burman, JS Mylne, G Karlsson, J Gullbo, DJ Craik, ...
Phytochemistry 69 (4), 939-952, 2008
Cyclotides associate with leaf vasculature and are the products of a novel precursor in petunia (Solanaceae)
AG Poth, JS Mylne, J Grassl, RE Lyons, AH Millar, ML Colgrave, DJ Craik
Journal of Biological Chemistry 287 (32), 27033-27046, 2012
Cyclic peptides arising by evolutionary parallelism via asparaginyl-endopeptidase–mediated biosynthesis
JS Mylne, LY Chan, AH Chanson, NL Daly, H Schaefer, TL Bailey, ...
The Plant Cell 24 (7), 2765-2778, 2012
Cyclotides as a basis for drug design
DJ Craik, JE Swedberg, JS Mylne, M Cemazar
Expert opinion on drug discovery 7 (3), 179-194, 2012
Protocol: A simple phenol-based method for 96-well extraction of high quality RNA from Arabidopsis
MS Box, V Coustham, C Dean, JS Mylne
Plant methods 7, 1-10, 2011
Cyclotides: macrocyclic peptides with applications in drug design and agriculture
DJ Craik, JS Mylne, NL Daly
Cellular and molecular life sciences 67, 9-16, 2010
Peptide macrocyclization by a bifunctional endoprotease
K Bernath-Levin, C Nelson, AG Elliott, AS Jayasena, AH Millar, DJ Craik, ...
Chemistry & biology 22 (5), 571-582, 2015
Discovery of cyclotide-like protein sequences in graminaceous crop plants: ancestral precursors of circular proteins?
JP Mulvenna, JS Mylne, R Bharathi, RA Burton, NJ Shirley, GB Fincher, ...
The Plant Cell 18 (9), 2134-2144, 2006
Physical clustering of FLC alleles during Polycomb-mediated epigenetic silencing in vernalization
S Rosa, F De Lucia, JS Mylne, D Zhu, N Ohmido, A Pendle, N Kato, ...
Genes & development 27 (17), 1845-1850, 2013
The macrocyclizing protease butelase 1 remains autocatalytic and reveals the structural basis for ligase activity
AM James, J Haywood, J Leroux, K Ignasiak, AG Elliott, JW Schmidberger, ...
The Plant Journal 98 (6), 988-999, 2019
DNA gyrase is the target for the quinolone drug ciprofloxacin in Arabidopsis thaliana
KM Evans-Roberts, LA Mitchenall, MK Wall, J Leroux, JS Mylne, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 291 (7), 3136-3144, 2016
Binary vectors for sense and antisense expression of Arabidopsis ESTs
J Mylne, JR Botella
Plant Molecular Biology Reporter 16, 257-262, 1998
Structural basis of ribosomal peptide macrocyclization in plants
J Haywood, JW Schmidberger, AM James, SG Nonis, KV Sukhoverkov, ...
Elife 7, e32955, 2018
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