Riccardo Vivani
Riccardo Vivani
Dipartimento di Chimica, Chemistry Department, Perugia
Patvirtintas el. paštas
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U Costantino, F Marmottini, M Nocchetti, R Vivani
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M Taddei, PV Dau, SM Cohen, M Ranocchiari, JA van Bokhoven, ...
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UV–Vis-NIR and micro Raman spectroscopies for the non destructive identification of Cd1− xZnxS solid solutions in cadmium yellow pigments
F Rosi, C Grazia, F Gabrieli, A Romani, M Paolantoni, R Vivani, ...
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SJI Shearan, N Stock, F Emmerling, J Demel, PA Wright, KD Demadis, ...
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R D’Amato, A Donnadio, M Carta, C Sangregorio, D Tiana, R Vivani, ...
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Preparation, characterization, and structure of zirconium fluoride alkylamino-N, N-bis methylphosphonates: A new design for layered zirconium diphosphonates with a poorly …
U Costantino, M Nocchetti, R Vivani
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Zinc–aluminum hydrotalcites as precursors of basic catalysts: Preparation, characterization and study of the activation of methanol
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A Donnadio, M Nocchetti, F Costantino, M Taddei, M Casciola, ...
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G Alberti, R Vivani, F Marmottini, P Zappelli
Journal of Porous Materials 5, 205-220, 1998
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