Scott Lanyon Fleming
Scott Lanyon Fleming
Doctoral Student, Department of Biomedical Data Science, Stanford University
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Automated classification of radiographic knee osteoarthritis severity using deep neural networks
KA Thomas, Ł Kidziński, E Halilaj, SL Fleming, GR Venkataraman, ...
Radiology: Artificial Intelligence 2 (2), e190065, 2020
Detecting developmental delay and autism through machine learning models using home videos of Bangladeshi children: Development and validation study
Q Tariq, SL Fleming, JN Schwartz, K Dunlap, C Corbin, P Washington, ...
Journal of medical Internet research 21 (4), e13822, 2019
Ontology-driven weak supervision for clinical entity classification in electronic health records
JA Fries, E Steinberg, S Khattar, SL Fleming, J Posada, A Callahan, ...
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The shaky foundations of large language models and foundation models for electronic health records
M Wornow, Y Xu, R Thapa, B Patel, E Steinberg, S Fleming, MA Pfeffer, ...
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Mapping neural circuit biotypes to symptoms and behavioral dimensions of depression and anxiety
AN Goldstein-Piekarski, TM Ball, Z Samara, BR Staveland, AS Keller, ...
Biological Psychiatry, 2020
Evaluating treatment prioritization rules via rank-weighted average treatment effects
S Yadlowsky, S Fleming, N Shah, E Brunskill, S Wager
arXiv preprint arXiv:2111.07966, 2021
Assessing the accuracy of automatic speech recognition for psychotherapy
AS Miner, A Haque, JA Fries, SL Fleming, DE Wilfley, G Terence Wilson, ...
NPJ digital medicine 3 (1), 82, 2020
Systematic review of approaches to preserve machine learning performance in the presence of temporal dataset shift in clinical medicine
LL Guo, SR Pfohl, J Fries, J Posada, SL Fleming, C Aftandilian, N Shah, ...
Applied clinical informatics 12 (04), 808-815, 2021
Test-retest reliability of the human functional connectome over consecutive days: identifying highly reliable portions and assessing the impact of methodological choices
L Tozzi, SL Fleming, ZD Taylor, CD Raterink, LM Williams
Network Neuroscience 4 (3), 925-945, 2020
Medalign: A clinician-generated dataset for instruction following with electronic medical records
SL Fleming, A Lozano, WJ Haberkorn, JA Jindal, E Reis, R Thapa, ...
Proceedings of the AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence 38 (20), 22021 …, 2024
EHR foundation models improve robustness in the presence of temporal distribution shift
LL Guo, E Steinberg, SL Fleming, J Posada, J Lemmon, SR Pfohl, N Shah, ...
Scientific Reports 13 (1), 3767, 2023
Reinforcement learning with state observation costs in action-contingent noiselessly observable markov decision processes
HJA Nam, S Fleming, E Brunskill
Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 34, 15650-15666, 2021
Intrinsic reward circuit connectivity profiles underlying symptom and quality of life outcomes following antidepressant medication: a report from the iSPOT-D trial
AS Fischer, B Holt-Gosselin, SL Fleming, LM Hack, TM Ball, ...
Neuropsychopharmacology 46 (4), 809-819, 2021
Clinfo. ai: An open-source retrieval-augmented large language model system for answering medical questions using scientific literature
A Lozano, SL Fleming, CC Chiang, N Shah
Considerations in the reliability and fairness audits of predictive models for advance care planning
J Lu, A Sattler, S Wang, AR Khaki, A Callahan, S Fleming, R Fong, ...
Frontiers in Digital Health 4, 943768, 2022
Treatment heterogeneity with survival outcomes
Y Xu, N Ignatiadis, E Sverdrup, S Fleming, S Wager, N Shah
Handbook of Matching and Weighting Adjustments for Causal Inference, 445-482, 2023
A computational approach to measure the linguistic characteristics of psychotherapy timing, responsiveness, and consistency
AS Miner, SL Fleming, A Haque, JA Fries, T Althoff, DE Wilfley, WS Agras, ...
Npj Mental Health Research 1 (1), 19, 2022
Intrinsic connectivity and family dynamics: Striatolimbic markers of risk and resilience in youth at familial risk for mood disorders
AS Fischer, B Holt-Gosselin, KE Hagan, SL Fleming, AF Nimarko, ...
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Evaluation of feature selection methods for preserving machine learning performance in the presence of temporal dataset shift in clinical medicine
J Lemmon, LL Guo, J Posada, SR Pfohl, J Fries, SL Fleming, C Aftandilian, ...
Methods of Information in Medicine 62 (01/02), 060-070, 2023
Assessing the potential of USMLE-like exam questions generated by GPT-4
SL Fleming, K Morse, A Kumar, CC Chiang, B Patel, E Brunskill, N Shah
medRxiv, 2023.04. 25.23288588, 2023
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