Nils Blüthgen
Nils Blüthgen
Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin & Humboldt Universität zu Berlin
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Spatial partitioning of the regulatory landscape of the X-inactivation centre
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MicroRNA control of protein expression noise
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Reciprocal insulation analysis of Hi-C data shows that TADs represent a functionally but not structurally privileged scale in the hierarchical folding of chromosomes
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A compendium of ERK targets
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Effects of sequestration on signal transduction cascades
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Early IFN-α signatures and persistent dysfunction are distinguishing features of NK cells in severe COVID-19
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Immunity, 2021
Network quantification of EGFR signaling unveils potential for targeted combination therapy
B Klinger, A Sieber, R Fritsche‐Guenther, F Witzel, L Berry, ...
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RC3H1 post-transcriptionally regulates A20 mRNA and modulates the activity of the IKK/NF-[kappa] B pathway
Y Murakawa, M Hinz, J Mothes, A Schuetz, M Uhl, E Wyler, T Yasuda, ...
Nature communications 6, 2015
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