Ning Wu
Ning Wu
Patvirtintas el. paštas
When polarons meet polaritons: Exciton-vibration interactions in organic molecules strongly coupled to confined light fields
N Wu, J Feist, FJ Garcia-Vidal
Physical Review B 94 (19), 195409, 2016
Criticality and factorization in the Heisenberg chain with Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction
TC Yi, WL You, N Wu, AM Oleś
Physical Review B 100 (2), 024423, 2019
Exact zero modes in twisted Kitaev chains
K Kawabata, R Kobayashi, N Wu, H Katsura
Physical Review B 95 (19), 195140, 2017
Dynamics of the sub-Ohmic spin-boson model: A time-dependent variational study
N Wu, L Duan, X Li, Y Zhao
The Journal of Chemical Physics 138, 084111, 2013
Topological phases of the two-leg Kitaev ladder
N Wu
Physics Letters A 376 (46), 3530-3534, 2012
Rabi oscillations, decoherence, and disentanglement in a qubit–spin-bath system
N Wu, A Nanduri, H Rabitz
Physical Review A 89 (6), 062105, 2014
Decoherence of a single spin coupled to an interacting spin bath
N Wu, N Fröhling, X Xing, J Hackmann, A Nanduri, FB Anders, H Rabitz
Physical Review B 93 (3), 035430, 2016
Theoretical examination of long-range energy propagation in nano-engineered light-harvesting antenna arrays
G Yang, N Wu, T Chen, K Sun, Y Zhao
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 116 (5), 3747-3756, 2012
Optimal suppression of defect generation during a passage across a quantum critical point
N Wu, A Nanduri, H Rabitz
Physical Review B 91 (4), 041115(R), 2015
Gate Control of the Conduction Mechanism Transition from Tunneling to Thermally Activated Hopping
LY Hsu, N Wu, H Rabitz
The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 5, 1831−1836, 2014
Dynamics of entanglement in the transverse Ising model
Z Chang, N Wu
Physical Review A 81 (2), 022312, 2010
Dynamics of a two-level system under the simultaneous influence of a spin bath and a boson bath
N Wu, Y Zhao
The Journal of Chemical Physics 139 (5), 054118, 2013
Exact zero modes in a quantum compass chain under inhomogeneous transverse fields
N Wu, WL You
Physical Review B 100 (8), 085130, 2019
Resonant energy transfer assisted by off-diagonal coupling
N Wu, KW Sun, Z Chang, Y Zhao
The Journal of Chemical Physics 136 (12), 124513, 2012
Determinant representations of spin-operator matrix elements in the XX spin chain and their applications
N Wu
Physical Review B 97 (1), 014301, 2018
Separable and entangled states in the high-spin XX central spin model
N Wu, XW Guan, J Links
Physical Review B 101 (15), 155145, 2020
Conductance and activation energy for electron transport in series and parallel intramolecular circuits
LY Hsu, N Wu, H Rabitz
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 18, 32087-32095, 2016
Chiral f-wave topological superfluid in triangular optical lattices
N Hao, G Liu, N Wu, J Hu, Y Wang
Physical Review A 87, 053609, 2013
Longitudinal magnetization dynamics in the quantum Ising ring: A Pfaffian method based on correspondence between momentum space and real space
N Wu
Physical Review E 101 (4), 042108, 2020
Vibration-assisted exciton transfer in molecular aggregates strongly coupled to confined light fields
J Liu, Q Zhao, N Wu
The Journal of Chemical Physics 150 (10), 105102, 2019
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