Michael Bartl
Michael Bartl
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Benzyl alcohol and titanium tetrachloride a versatile reaction system for the nonaqueous and low-temperature preparation of crystalline and luminescent titania nanoparticles
M Niederberger, MH Bartl, GD Stucky
Chemistry of Materials 14 (10), 4364-4370, 2002
Benzyl alcohol and transition metal chlorides as a versatile reaction system for the nonaqueous and low-temperature synthesis of crystalline nano-objects with controlled …
M Niederberger, MH Bartl, GD Stucky
Journal of the American Chemical Society 124 (46), 13642-13643, 2002
Discovery of a diamond-based photonic crystal structure in beetle scales
JW Galusha, LR Richey, JS Gardner, JN Cha, MH Bartl
Physical Review E 77 (5), 050904, 2008
Visible and near-IR luminescence via energy transfer in rare earth doped mesoporous titania thin films with nanocrystalline walls
KL Frindell, MH Bartl, MR Robinson, GC Bazan, A Popitsch, GD Stucky
Journal of Solid State Chemistry 172 (1), 81-88, 2003
Sensitized Luminescence of Trivalent Europium by Three‐Dimensionally Arranged Anatase Nanocrystals in Mesostructured Titania Thin Films
KL Frindell, MH Bartl, A Popitsch, GD Stucky
Angewandte Chemie 114 (6), 1001-1004, 2002
High abrasion resistance with sparse mineralization: copper biomineral in worm jaws
HC Lichtenegger, T Schoberl, MH Bartl, H Waite, GD Stucky
Science 298 (5592), 389-392, 2002
3-D molecular assembly of function in titania-based composite material systems
MH Bartl, SW Boettcher, KL Frindell, GD Stucky
Accounts of chemical research 38 (4), 263-271, 2005
Spontaneous formation of nanoparticle vesicles from homopolymer polyelectrolytes
JN Cha, H Birkedal, LE Euliss, MH Bartl, MS Wong, TJ Deming, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 125 (27), 8285-8289, 2003
Diamond‐structured titania photonic‐bandgap crystals from biological templates
JW Galusha, MR Jorgensen, MH Bartl
Advanced materials 22 (1), 107-110, 2010
Nanoparticle assembled hollow spheres
J Cha, TJ Deming, GD Stucky, M Wong, H Birkedal, MH Bartl, JL Sumerel
US Patent 7,563,457, 2009
Study of natural photonic crystals in beetle scales and their conversion into inorganic structures via a sol–gel bio-templating route
JW Galusha, LR Richey, MR Jorgensen, JS Gardner, MH Bartl
Journal of Materials Chemistry 20 (7), 1277-1284, 2010
Structural analysis of hybrid titania-based mesostructured composites
SW Boettcher, MH Bartl, JG Hu, GD Stucky
Journal of the American Chemical Society 127 (27), 9721-9730, 2005
Optimizing sol− gel infiltration and processing methods for the fabrication of high-quality planar titania inverse opals
JW Galusha, CK Tsung, GD Stucky, MH Bartl
Chemistry of Materials 20 (15), 4925-4930, 2008
Microcavity lasing from block peptide hierarchically assembled quantum dot spherical resonators
JN Cha, MH Bartl, MS Wong, A Popitsch, TJ Deming, GD Stucky
Nano Letters 3 (7), 907-911, 2003
Cubic mesoporous frameworks with a mixed semiconductor nanocrystalline wall structure and enhanced sensitivity to visible light
MH Bartl, SP Puls, J Tang, HC Lichtenegger, GD Stucky
Angewandte Chemie 116 (23), 3099-3102, 2004
Micrometer‐Sized Spherical Assemblies of Polypeptides and Small Molecules by Acid–Base Chemistry
BJ McKenna, H Birkedal, MH Bartl, TJ Deming, GD Stucky
Angewandte Chemie 116 (42), 5770-5773, 2004
Dye-activated hybrid organic/inorganic mesostructured titania waveguides
MH Bartl, SW Boettcher, EL Hu, GD Stucky
Journal of the American Chemical Society 126 (35), 10826-10827, 2004
Growth, optical spectroscopy and crystal field investigation of YAl3 (BO3) 4 single crystals doped with tripositive praseodymium
MH Bartl, K Gatterer, E Cavalli, A Speghini, M Bettinelli
Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy 57 (10 …, 2001
Bubble point measurements of hydrocarbon mixtures in mesoporous media
H Cho, MH Bartl, M Deo
Energy & Fuels 31 (4), 3436-3444, 2017
Strongly modified spontaneous emission rates in diamond-structured photonic crystals
MR Jorgensen, JW Galusha, MH Bartl
Physical Review Letters 107 (14), 143902, 2011
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