Lin Lawrence Guo
Lin Lawrence Guo
The Hospital for Sick Children
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Evaluation of domain generalization and adaptation on improving model robustness to temporal dataset shift in clinical medicine
LL Guo, SR Pfohl, J Fries, AEW Johnson, J Posada, C Aftandilian, N Shah, ...
Scientific reports 12 (1), 2726, 2022
Systematic review of approaches to preserve machine learning performance in the presence of temporal dataset shift in clinical medicine
LL Guo, SR Pfohl, J Fries, J Posada, SL Fleming, C Aftandilian, N Shah, ...
Applied clinical informatics 12 (04), 808-815, 2021
EHR foundation models improve robustness in the presence of temporal distribution shift
LL Guo, E Steinberg, SL Fleming, J Posada, J Lemmon, SR Pfohl, N Shah, ...
Scientific Reports 13 (1), 3767, 2023
Multivariate Analysis of Electrophysiological Signals Reveals the Temporal Properties of Visuomotor Computations for Precision Grips
LL Guo, A Nestor, D Nemrodov, A Frost, M Niemeier
Journal of Neuroscience 39 (48), 9585-9597, 2019
Evaluation of feature selection methods for preserving machine learning performance in the presence of temporal dataset shift in clinical medicine
J Lemmon, LL Guo, J Posada, SR Pfohl, J Fries, SL Fleming, C Aftandilian, ...
Methods of Information in Medicine 62 (01/02), 060-070, 2023
Grasping of real-world objects is not biased by ensemble perception
AWY Fan, LL Guo, A Frost, RL Whitwell, M Niemeier, JS Cant
Frontiers in Psychology 12, 597691, 2021
Characterizing the limitations of using diagnosis codes in the context of machine learning for healthcare
LL Guo, KE Morse, C Aftandilian, E Steinberg, J Fries, J Posada, ...
BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making 24 (1), 51, 2024
Perspective Toward Machine Learning Implementation in Pediatric Medicine: Mixed Methods Study
N Alexander, C Aftandilian, LL Guo, E Plenert, J Posada, J Fries, ...
JMIR Medical Informatics 10 (11), e40039, 2022
Multivariate analysis of electrophysiological signals reveals the time course of precision grasps programs: Evidence for nonhierarchical evolution of grasp control
LL Guo, YS Oghli, A Frost, M Niemeier
Journal of Neuroscience 41 (44), 9210-9222, 2021
Development and validation of the SickKids Enterprise-wide Data in Azure Repository (SEDAR)
LL Guo, M Calligan, E Vettese, S Cook, G Gagnidze, O Han, J Inoue, ...
Heliyon 9 (11), 2023
Emergent synergistic grasp-like behavior in a visuomotor joint action task: Evidence for internal forward models as building blocks of human interactions
LL Guo, N Patel, M Niemeier
Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 13, 37, 2019
Self-supervised machine learning using adult inpatient data produces effective models for pediatric clinical prediction tasks
J Lemmon, LL Guo, E Steinberg, KE Morse, SL Fleming, C Aftandilian, ...
Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association 30 (12), 2004-2011, 2023
A Multi-Center Study on the Adaptability of a Shared Foundation Model for Electronic Health Records
LL Guo, J Fries, E Steinberg, SL Fleming, K Morse, C Aftandilian, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:2311.11483, 2023
Computation on demand: Action-specific representations of visual task features arise during distinct movement phases
N Lee, LL Guo, A Nestor, M Niemeier
Journal of Neuroscience, 2024
Do motor plans affect sensorimotor state estimates during temporal decision-making with crossed vs. uncrossed hands? Failure to replicate the dynamic crossed-hand effect
TCK Cheung, LL Guo, A Frost, CF Pereira, M Niemeier
Experimental Brain Research 240 (5), 1529-1545, 2022
The Temporal Structure of Neural Processes Underlying Human Precision Grasp Computations
LL Guo
University of Toronto (Canada), 2020
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