Christina Kjær
Christina Kjær
Postdoctoral researcher at Department of Physics and Astronomy, Aarhus University
Patvirtintas el. paštas
The Soret absorption band of isolated chlorophyll a and b tagged with quaternary ammonium ions
MH Stockett, L Musbat, C Kjær, J Houmøller, Y Toker, A Rubio, BF Milne, ...
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 17 (39), 25793-25798, 2015
Roadmap on dynamics of molecules and clusters in the gas phase
H Zettergren, A Domaracka, T Schlathölter, P Bolognesi, S Díaz-Tendero, ...
The European Physical Journal D 75 (5), 152, 2021
On the exciton coupling between two chlorophyll pigments in the absence of a protein environment: intrinsic effects revealed by theory and experiment
BF Milne, C Kjær, J Houmøller, MH Stockett, Y Toker, A Rubio, SB Nielsen
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 55 (21), 6248-6251, 2016
Intrinsic Photophysics of Light‐harvesting Charge‐tagged Chlorophyll a and b Pigments
E Gruber, C Kjær, SB Nielsen, LH Andersen
Chemistry–A European Journal 25 (39), 9153-9158, 2019
A new setup for low-temperature gas-phase ion fluorescence spectroscopy
C Kjær, J Langeland, TT Lindkvist, ER Sørensen, MH Stockett, ...
Review of Scientific Instruments 92 (3), 033105, 2021
Absorption and luminescence spectroscopy of mass-selected flavin adenine dinucleotide mono-anions
L Giacomozzi, C Kjær, J Langeland Knudsen, LH Andersen, ...
The Journal of Chemical Physics 148 (21), 2018
The effect of an electric field on the spectroscopic properties of the isolated green fluorescent protein chromophore anion
J Langeland, C Kjær, LH Andersen, SB Nielsen
ChemPhysChem 19 (14), 1685-1685, 2018
Sibling rivalry: intrinsic luminescence from two xanthene dye monoanions, resorufin and fluorescein, provides evidence for excited-state proton transfer in the latter
C Kjær, SB Nielsen, MH Stockett
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 19 (36), 24440-24444, 2017
Effect of Freezing out Vibrational Modes on Gas-Phase Fluorescence Spectra of Small Ionic Dyes
E Vogt, J Langeland, C Kjær, TT Lindkvist, HG Kjaergaard, SB Nielsen
The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 12 (46), 11346-11352, 2021
Luminescence Spectroscopy of Rhodamine Homodimer Dications in Vacuo Reveals Strong Dye‐Dye Interactions
C Kjær, H Lissau, NK Gravesen Salinas, A Østergaard Madsen, ...
ChemPhysChem 20 (4), 533-537, 2019
Counterion-controlled spectral tuning of the protonated Schiff-base retinal
Y Toker, J Langeland, E Gruber, C Kjær, SB Nielsen, LH Andersen, ...
Physical Review A 98 (4), 043428, 2018
Gas‐Phase Ion Fluorescence Spectroscopy of Tailor‐made Rhodamine Homo‐and Heterodyads: Quenching of Electronic Communication by π‐Conjugated Linkers
AU Petersen, C Kjær, C Jensen, M Brøndsted Nielsen, ...
Angewandte Chemie 132 (47), 21132-21141, 2020
Luminescence spectroscopy of chalcogen substituted rhodamine cations in vacuo
MH Stockett, C Kjær, MK Linder, MR Detty, SB Nielsen
Photochemical & Photobiological Sciences 16, 779-784, 2017
Strong Impact of an Axial Ligand on the Absorption by Chlorophyll a and b Pigments Determined by Gas-Phase Ion Spectroscopy Experiments
C Kjær, MH Stockett, BM Pedersen, SB Nielsen
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 120 (47), 12105-12110, 2016
Photophysics of Isolated Rose Bengal Anions
MH Stockett, C Kjær, S Daly, EJ Bieske, JRR Verlet, SB Nielsen, JN Bull
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 124 (41), 8429-8438, 2020
Gas-phase Förster resonance energy transfer in mass-selected ions with methylene or peptide linkers between two dyes: a concerted dance of charges
C Kjær, Y Zhao, MH Stockett, L Chen, K Hansen, SB Nielsen
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 22 (19), 11095-11100, 2020
Luminescence spectroscopy of oxazine dye cations isolated in vacuo
C Kjær, SB Nielsen
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 21 (8), 4600-4605, 2019
Action spectroscopy of the isolated red Kaede fluorescent protein chromophore
NJA Coughlan, MH Stockett, C Kjær, EK Ashworth, PC Bulman Page, ...
The Journal of Chemical Physics 155 (12), 124304, 2021
Color tuning of chlorophyll a and b pigments revealed from gas-phase spectroscopy
C Kjær, E Gruber, SB Nielsen, LH Andersen
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 22 (36), 20331-20336, 2020
Gas-phase action and fluorescence spectroscopy of mass-selected fluorescein monoanions and two derivatives
C Kjær, RF Hansson, C Hedberg, F Jensen, HH Jensen, SB Nielsen
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 22 (17), 9210-9215, 2020
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